meet slawface.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Nexis, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. :gc_rocks: new here and chillin, had been browsing for a while but decided to sign up :p

    meet slawface


    bought a new bowl, but no pics yet!

    good to be here, keep it lit!

    comic relief :/ :
  2. Welcome to the city, we like posts like this here :) I like your bong. I love to start new members with +rep
  3. looks like a Chaos Glass, i have a choas 1 footer that hits hella nice hows that guy?
  4. Welcome to the city man:wave:. That looks like a pretty sweet bong, I like the colors in it. rep+
  5. thanks for the warm welcome much <3.
    it rips man :) I like it :D
  6. hey nex welcome to GC :hello:

    your bong is really cool! one of the few non-clear bongs that i really like +rep
  7. thanks jello!
  8. hey man welcome to GC! i like your bong man +rep for that.
  9. Thanks,and im not sure if its chaos or not....
  10. nice bong, have fun takin some rips off that.
  11. Hello slawface! looks nice, and welcome.

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