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    Greeting all! I've been lurking a long time. First post. I am a total noob and haven't done a grow yet.

    I'd like to introduce you to my fridge. He's been in the planning stages for a long time but now he's done. I don't know why he is a he, but he is.


    Originally he was going to be used purely for stealth, hacked up hard otherwise but when I finally got moving on this and found a fridge graveyard I realized that I had my pick and this one was too pretty to tear up so this became an obsession at that point. I wanted it stealthy, safe, good looking, as few holes as possible and of course usable.



    He is capable of maintaining anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees in the current 40 degree environment.

    1) Handy dandy temp and humidity checker thing
    2) Carbon Filter going out through one of three holes that needed to be cut
    3) 12v PC Fan #1 runs all the time
    4) PVC Light Trap painted flat black inside transfers air, not light and is used as a conduit for wires.
    5) El Cheapo light strip just to provide light to work in, better lighting when we need this space for other things :D



    Keeping the water in the door keeps it the same temp as the plants but also helps hold some heay in the dark periods. Something I initially struggled with. To the right is one of the shelves with the inards removed and my best attempt at weaving some wire for a Scrog screen someday.


    I chose to power as much as I could from a PC Power Supply. I had a bunch of them around, 12 volts is safer, it has an on/off switch and I was hoping to get some heat off of it. That part didn't work out. Only running the fans didn't produce any heat.

    6) Other end of light trap/conduit
    7) Timer running 18/6 at the moment
    8) Regular household thermostat in cooling mode between Power Supply and PC fan #2 which you can barely see the the last picture. This effectively adds airflow to adjust the temperature.
    9) PC Power supply


    10) Vase with water and an aquarium heater. Helps with the needed heat and gives me some desperately needed humidity. Currently 45%
    11) 90W LED UFO from a trusted source, not Ebay

    I did my homework, I made my choice and I will accept whatever result I get from the LED. This whole thing is as much if not more about a fun project than the end result.


    Added pic of the ladies and the 12v power supply fan.

    Many thanks to everyone!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy :wave:

    (I realize now that this maybe should have gone elsewhere but it took me to long to write to risk messing it up, please move it if you see fit, sorry)

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  2. thats nice i like the set up. i was going to do it in the fridge too but i didnt want to cut hole in the sides and stuff. so i just made a 2x2x4 box out of 2x4 and 1/4 plywood. that worked just fine. and easyer to work with with drilling the holes for the duct work and fans. butt good luck on ur first grow
  3. Very nice and clean! I am impressed!
  4. Props for the sick setup. much better then the majority of grows i c
    id like to see some final product with your ufo light & see how it turns out
  5. Thanks guys and gals! I have a 10 day vacation in a few weeks and the real deal will commence upon our return. I plan a journal. Right now he is in testing mode. Running 76 hot and 65 dark consistently for about 10 days now.
  6. For the college students out there This is a perferct example of what you should do

    Props nice setup and a tip Home depot sells a 4" hole saw that would work perfect for making nice holes in a refrigerator
  7. Hole saws do work very nicely but check, recheck and then check again the size and location of the hole you are about to drill. The guide bit in the middle is crucial. If you drill a 3" hole and then decide it should have been a 4" hole you are screwed. You would need a saws all which works but is messy and difficult to use in tight spaces..
  8. Nice work. I considered a fridge grow but my fridge belongs to my apartment. Just don't let anyone go looking for a beer ;)
  9. looks nice

    the top freezer seed part though are going to stretch like mad though with the fluro that high up.
  10. Right you were defspec! My first germ grew too fast and weak and had to be propped for a few days. Since that first I have been moving them to within a few inches of the light source as soon as they break ground!
  11. just imagine the surprise from the person going to grab a drink, or checking to see if there is anything to munch on.. :eek:
  12. Thats so cool dude i never thought of using a fridge but you have pre built veg and flower rooms both a pretty good size and its already white. if you LST or scrog that would be intense!!
    Nice work btw, everything's set up so clean it would be a pleasure to grow in your fridge
    I like the mounted computer power supply :D do you use it to power some DC fans?
  13. Thanks for all the kind words!

    I'm not too worried about anyone opening my Fridge. I have a large sign on it that says:


    Seriously, it in a corner of my basement in a storage area where no one ever goes but me.

    The PC Power Supply is running the intake and exhaust fans and will run one or more 12V oscillating fans when the time comes.
  14. +rep for a slick ass grow! Great job!
  15. That's some nice work you have done there. Good planning as well. Looking forward to seeing it finished and in operation.
  16. is there a grow log for this grow?
  17. Hows the grow comin OP?
    That fridge looked interesting to say the least. :D :hello:
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    Well, I am in process of my first grow. There have been some circumstances that are keeping me from a full grow journal but I will update here occasionally.

    Here is some of what happened up until now.

    1-18-10 My test seeds sprouted in peat pots and were transplanted into cups 1/3 Pearlite, 2/3 FFOS. I intended to trash them before an upcoming vacation.

    1-25-10 Day 9 X (don't know) stretched too much and was weak from lights being to high. Trashed it on day 12!

    1-26-10 Day 11 Polled this forum if I could keep them through a 10 day vacation since they were so healthy.

    1-27-10 Day 12 Experimented with wicking systems.

    1-28-10 Day 13

    2-3-10 Day 18 Watered Heavily and inserted one nylon wick per 3 gallon pot dipped into about 3 gallons of water.

    2-5-10 Day 20 Water heavenly again. I'm off! Aloha and good luck!

    2-15-10 Day 30 Arrived home exhausted, tanned and I missed all the snow! Only to find thriving healthy plants! It sucks to be me uh? Watered Heavily!

    2-16-10 Day 31 LST'd A who is an AK-48 Strain. Awesome! Then went on to LST M who is a Maya Gold. Bad :-( While A was ready and willing to be bent into any shape I desired like a good girlfriend, M was as stubborn as a long time wife. She broke and I lost half my veg.

    I moved M up a few inches in an attempt to even out growth. As of Day 34 it isn't working. A has about 18 bud sites and M has only 6. We shall see!

    2-17-10 Day 32 Ordered 12V fans with more CFM to combat odor and started on 1/4 FF recommended nutes.

    2-19-10 Day 34 Added two 100 Watt EQ CFL's to aid in veg growth and to add some heat (for the new fans) as I have only been able to LST every 3rd day or so.

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  19. Still looking good. Pity about the break. The clear cups earlier and the white scoop away containers aren't the best thing to use. Need to light proof them. Reflective tape works well for the large pots/containers.
  20. The clear cups early on were quickly remedied! The scoop away pots were used because they were the perfect size for my space. Is the low light penetration through the white walls really a problem? You can clearly see through the tops since the light is right there but I was thinking the ambient light would reflect off the outer white surface rather than penetrate.

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