Meet me.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Wizzkid, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty high and I went off on a tare typing a reply and decided I would just make an about me thread so people could get to know me better on here since I haven't met minds like these anywhere before and I plan to stay here and get to know some of you better.

    PS this all began about 8 months ago when I lead my team to #1NA on MW2 and got bored of gaming so I'm still very new to the world of philosophy.

    Yes I know it's probably not the right section. But I'm not really going to be venturing outside of this section, if I need to move it though just let me know and I will.
  2. I recommend to venture out of this section. Peruse the art, science and nature threads as a stepping stone to human understanding. All are intertwined in some way, like philosophy is tied to psychology and nature is tied to everything that ever existed.

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