Meet Leviathan

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  1. He's my first piece. A nice little bubbler for $22. I have yet to use it, I have to wait until I go to my friends tomorrow for the superbowl, but how will it be?

    edit - I have no idea why my mac always puts my iphone pictures sideways, but whatever. You get the idea.

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  2. Right on man, nice pickup. Sick name too, milk that shit for us. :smoke:
  3. The hole is probably bigger than grinded weed. Do i need a screen? If so, how do I make one?
  4. I always put a little bud in the bottom and the ground up stuff on top. Seems to work the best. Some ash or a small stem work as well, just not as good.

  5. I just dont want ash or weed or whatever to fall down there because it will be a bitch to clean out.
  6. To be honest, it's only a matter of time. I suppose putting a metal mesh screen will stop most of the bud and ash from falling down, but not all of it. Also, if you go the route of the screen, you will taste said screen. It's definitely just a personal preference but, I want glass and nothing else in my pipes ;)

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