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  1. Hello my name is Irene. I love the sun and lots of yummy water filled with organic nutrients.

    My genetic heritage roots to an Indica Hybrid somewhere in the Blackberry family. I know my mother but I never knew my father :confused:

    I was started from seed exactly two months ago today. After one month I was moved from my room to the outdoor patio. Right now I'm petite standing at only 15 inches (38 cm) tall.

    My Farmer started me a little late in the season because he wanted to make sure I didn't get too big. He doesn't want people to judge his LEGAL doctor's recommended medicine, and must hide me from abductors.

    Currently my shoes are Fox Farm Happy Frog Mix. I like extra perlite in my socks because it keeps my toes aerated so I don't look overwatered.

    My move outside was a little stressful, since 80+ degree weather with direct sunlight makes me a little sad sometimes. It's ok though because my farmer makes sure I always have plenty to drink. I bounced back after five days.

    My lineage has been grown before by my Farmer and my sisters almost never needed pesticides…

    My sisters are known for their berry/hash taste and deep CBD/CBN levels. I'll be your favorite girlfriend because I'll rock your world and put you to sleep afterwards. You can even eat me if you want to :yummy:

    I'm a little lonely being by myself, so if you have any questions just ask me.

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  2. Notice how my stalk has been bent in two spots on some of these pictures. Farmer decided to try super-cropping for the first time and wanted to use me as the patient…

    I was growing a bit too lanky about week six and Farmer bent the top node until it snapped, but left it attached. My lower shoots grew faster and my top grew a little slower from the stress.

    He did it again around week 8, only a couple of days ago. It’s strange, but I think I love punishment. The more I get punished, the more I come back harder and thicker…

    My farmer said he will tie me down soon and try to get me to grow sideways as well. I think he’s a crazy farmer sometimes. Oh well, I only have a couple more months to live anyways…
  3. So here I am, all tied down and struggling to shift my leaves towards the light.

    Farmer said he's going to tie me down even further in the next couple days.

    At least he didn't break me off.

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  4. The way your wording your posts in the plants perspective albeit creative seems kinda creepy bud ha ha probably why no one has responded nice plant though. :)
  5. Hahah that was a great introduction. Subbed.
  6. this thread is freaking me out, do my plants talk also?
  7. I love it Irene. I hope the flowers you produce will be of the upmost quality :).
  8. Sounds like ur farmer has moved into Left Field - awesome :D, welcome to the neighbourhood! :wave:

    Careful tho, lots of freaks live here. And just so as you know, HE IS GOING TO EAT YOU!


    come live with me, i won't eat you :D

    [ame=]Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Loves this journal. Great idea. Beautiful plant.
  10. This is Irene again. I wanted to thank you all for following my humble existence.

    Farmer spread open my bottom internodes by pulling my top down yesterday. As you can see I love having my lower area exposed, it exponentially grew since yesterday.

    I'm hoping I don't get too hot today, or my Farmer might get me wet…

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  11. Irene wants to survive!!! Growth is nice!
  12. It's me!

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  13. hey there Irene,

    just swung by for no particular reason

    now i'm here and all, whatcha up to on the weekend? :ey:

    Call me

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  14. Hello ladies and gents! This is Irene here again to give you an update. I'm sorry it's been a while, but my Farmer's computer crashed. He now uses an old outdated one he rented from the homeless man down the street.

    As you can see, I'm filling in quite nice. My production of trichomes started about three days ago because of a couple cold nights. I like low temperatures. As the temps continue to drop, you will see more and more of my body glitter and maybe some purple.

    Farmer decided to cut my leash since he thinks I'm too big to run away now. What he doesn't realize is that I'm a diva. The louder my fragrance becomes to others, the more beautiful and attractive I am. Even the birds sing around my goddess like phenotype.

    There is still more of me to come. Farmer said we have about a month before I'm going on a long vacation. I'm not so sure what he meant about that…

    Keep it green,


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    Wow... you're so ... so... big

    My Farmer doesn't allow me to mingle with boys very often. Maybe if you can just throw your pollen far enough, we can have some fun. If Farmer finds out i'm pregnant, he'll be very disappointed though.

    That's a beautiful picture by the way. I don't care what anybody else says about males. They are just as unique and needed to continue life without monoculture defects. :hello:

    Have you ever grown or smoked a half/half herm? I've gotten some DANK off little female flowers growing off male dominates. Sometimes they grow tight dense female buds in between. It literally blew my mind how potent it was!

    Keep it green! :smoke:

  16. hey irene! hows things going? so your about 4 weeks into budding i take it?

  17. pmsl, i'm not sure who is talking to this God?, but its ok, now i'm not sure who i am either!!!!

    no, never tried it. the most unusual bud i had was many years ago, one plant died and dried in the ground....didn't taste too good, but wow was a lot stronger than the rest. Yucky yummy bud.

    Looking mighty fine Irene. A very fetching blush on the underside of ur fan leaves there!
  18. Hello outdoorgrower1. You are correct that I'm approximately four weeks into my flowering cycle. Farmer has my mother dialed in at around 6-8 weeks flower consistently for the last couple of years, it all depends on environment. I'm expected to go another four more weeks before I get mummified and then cremated.

    I should be nice and dry by October 20th, and if my Farmer is careful about nutes, and flushes me correctly, I'll be smokable by Halloween. My Farmer says Halloween is his favorite holiday so he expects me to be looking irresistible and tempting by then.

    I left you all a picture of what I'm currently being fed. Right now Farmer uses an NPK of 1-4-5. Organic Botanicare is pricey but works great for me. I also use organic Black Strap molasses every watering or so until the final two weeks. Then he checks PH in the soil and makes adjustments to the water for the last two flushes.

    Part of the fun in seedlings for him, is that when two different parents are involved you never quite know what you're going to get. The traits of the mother show more here which is ideal. Farmer is currently inbreeding the mother to get an IBL that will have more consistent traits of the mother. Then he wants to cross it with a sativa dominate hybrid he's been cloning to see what happens.

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  19. ODgrower, thank you for your kind words. Many say I get my good looks from my mother. I left you her picture here. This is her after recently being rooted. I know what you're thinking, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Farmer cuts clones frequently to avoid losing her and dealing with sometimes old toxic soil.

    What do you think? She's quite the cougar you know (over two years old)... She has already been bred twice so she is proven to be fertile...

    I'm sorry for trying to hook you up with my mother, but you must understand that I need to stay a virgin for my sacrifice this Halloween.

    Love always and forever,


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  20. Have an exciting weekend everyone! :hello:

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