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  1. Green-o-matic from attitude seeds. 4 100 watt (6500K) cfl, this is a week & a day old. Super excited for our own homegrown stash, its been dry here :( we also just started G13 labs diesel auto.

    Thinking about switching to the 100 watt led ufo 6 band, might be a question for the lighting forum but I'm new here haha :)

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  2. Go energy save, Led is approx 10 times less power than standard bulb.. x
  3. If u do go into Led's look into quantum boards, bit more expensive but really worth the money.
  4. Quantums for a single autoflower would be cheap.

    edit: were people using QBs in 2013? Smh..
  5. Yeah Im in UK so I use the company invisible sun and run a ISH 150pro. Think it was about £170, I went from hps so it seemed expensive but they last so much longer and cost less to run. I just do 1 auto at a time in dwc and it's brilliant. Won't go back to hps now. I've got separate veg, bloom room just run a cheap Mars for the first 3 weeks in veg as I feel its got a slightly better spectrum for seedling/veg then put it in bloom room with My qb. Pull between 5,1/2 - 6,1/2 oz off my auto with the qb so I'm happy with that. My room with everything running only draws around 240w so it's really cheap to run

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