Meet Hakeem Olajuwon, with Icepinch bowl.

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    Meet Hakeem, short for Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon of course.

    For my birthday I felt it necessary to get myself a little present, first real bong, christened with my new pick-up of Granddaddy Purp and Lemon Kush.

    Percolated down stem 18mm/14mm adapter (to fit friends inline), icepinched bowl for smooth hits, and 4 tree perc.

    Good way to begin my 18th year on this planet.
    Happy 'tokin.

    EDIT: Sorry for the shitty pics, only have my camera phone at the moment.
  2. so what your saying is your 17. nice pickup and bye bye :wave:
  3. Chill out, im 18

  4. Dude why are you always jumping on people before reading everything. His 18th bday. Did everyone on this forum wait until their 18th birthday to smoke?
  5. Nice bong man! i love it thats a sweet piece of glass. how much did it run u if u dont mind me asking? and btw... not that i personally care... but u just pretty much said up until now all of your OTHER posts have been made when u are a minor ( you might want to edit that or something) ;)
  6. nice shit man.... i like the clean look of the zob pieces! nice pick up and happy birthday.. mine is today, i only got one more year till i can buy beer LEGALLY :p:smoke:
  7. Thanks Glasshead, there are a lot of younger smokers in this community so I was hoping people would be chill.

    Only cost me 250 out the door, with ice pinch bowl and case.
  8. That's a Luke Wilson disc-diffused slide. This is what yours looks like, right?

    Nice pickup. I think the zobs would look much better without the big logo... But I'm sure it rips like a champ, I have a somewhat similar setup.
  9. could you be anymore of an asshole?
    are you the fucking police?
    no, chill out and stop giving bad vibes.
    awesome piece.

  10. Seriously... Dick..

  11. now those are some positive vibes

    Did you think of that all on your own. Or did you just want to jump on smalls dick.

    The reason I said nice edit is because OP edited his post. Before it said as an early Bday present so there for he would not be 18 yet. I dont see how calling someone out for being underage and changing their posts after they got caught sending bad vibes. But calling someone an ass hole and dick. Well that is pretty negative guys. :wave:

    Peace & Good Vibes fellow blades :smoke:
  12. You're seriously telling us about being negative when you won't get off the fact that he said he got it as early birthday present? For all we know he could of gotten that two weeks ago.
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    you are correct, but let the moderators handle it, instead of starting stupid disagreements with people on the internet..... however fun it may be:devious:
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    Thanks for seeing the truth.
  15. officer dangle ladies and gentlemen.

  16. ahaha rofl
  17. Thats the perfect bong. Just the right size with some semi-tricked out acessories.I just treated myself to buying some real glass too when i turned 18 on the 12th of this month. Im thinkin bout making a thread with my bong in it too.

    Question: My downstem looks similar. What features about it makes that one perculated? The little holes in it? Becaause mine has that too. OR is there something i dont see?
  18. sick pick up dude, im starting to see more and more zob pieces every day!

    Is that a Syracuse lacrosse jacket btw?
  19. Yeah, dude. That looks like a Luke Wilson disk diffused and not an ice pinch. A much nicer buy.
  20. You got that from BC, huh? They sell those disk slides for $45 which is good compared to other places, but their tubes are way overpriced.

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