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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. this just in from HQ, were running low on weed, only a few bowls left cap'n,!

    hmmm shouldI save kinda still buzzed so im ok for alil or should I SMOKE UP N get higher!! its a hard question cause its no fun comin down and its mo fun comin up :D

    point of this thread.........

    Micheal jackson like to take little kids on his hot air balloon of love
  2. We all should know by now what Mike Jaksons motto is..

    Lil boys pants half off.

    I feel before it's over with, unless you grow your own, weed will be hard to get and expensive as hell!
  3. aye im tryin to grow but live with parents n wont risk doin it while they dont know, just aint right. not to mention at the moment I hear like 2 helicopters flying by...thats freaky...okay im just gonna make my computer explode so they cant steal it n convict me for havin pot! hehe nah i like my computer maybe some other time
  4. u know when it gets to that state its time to get yo ass round to yer dealer and smoke your last j (or bowl) there.

    picks up good Kudos, karma, whatever.

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