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Meds Star Pickup (3 quarters: Grape Ape, Headband, T-44 for only $50 each!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Joe Kickass, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Joe Kickass, Aug 6, 2011
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    If you are interested check out their menu and pictures:
    Meds Star Organics Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Marijuana Dispensaries - Medical Marijuana Delivery

    How does a $30 eighth sound? or a $60 quarter? What if you could mix and match whatever you want for $200/ounce? That's what Med's Star offers. And they also claim to be an 100% organic collective.

    They're a Santa Barbra area delivery service but you can meet them if you're from out of town like me. All the people I dealt with were super chill and friendly and for my first order the guy hooked me up with the ounce price even though I only bought 0.75 ounce. That's $50/7g. And these quarter bags were all over 8g :hello:

    For the price I was expecting the schwaggiest schwag and I'm not going to lie I did check the bag before diving off, but what I found left me pleasantly surprised :D

    I'll be honest, I have had better weed but not for less than $50 or so an eighth. For 50% the price you basically get 90% the quality of most other clubs. Needless to say I'll be a repeat customer for as long as they are in business.

    If you are in the area you need to check them out:
    Meds Star Organic Collective - Services

    The three strains I tried were Grape Ape, T-44, and Headband X Thai (Pics Attached)

    Grape Ape: Wonderful smell, grapey and spicey, heavy hitter indica high.

    Headband X Thai: Can definitely smell the thai genes, earthy and chocolaty, hits similar to headband just not quite as strong.

    T-44: Very hard to describe the smell, skunky and complex with a slight hint of jack herer (another review describes it, very well I think, as vanilla-spice), hits very nicely, maybe a bit stronger than the Grape Ape.

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  2. That sounds too good to be true
  3. #3 Joe Kickass, Aug 6, 2011
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    They impressed me so much I logged into that site and left a review :D

    edit: Their only stipulation, if you are thinking about ordering, is a minimum of $100 per order but I think it's to help cover their no delivery fee.
  4. Looks like decent bud kinda lower quality for med but for 30 a eighth id smoke it all day.... Enjoy that stuff
  5. holy weed prices batman
  6. Especially having it delivered to you. That's badass.
  7. that normal prices for outdoor stuff......
  8. #8 Joe Kickass, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2011
    Maybe in Humboldt those are normal prices, lol... Here in central CA, away from the cities, good weed is club prices and cheap weed is usually really bad so finding a hook for quality mids at schwag prices definitely makes an economic difference for me.

    I guess it makes sense that outdoor growers would be able to sell for cheaper, seeing as how their plants usually get much larger. Maybe the nugs wouldn't be as dense as they could get under some focused high pressure sodium light and a good hydro system, but I mean for half the price you certainly get much more than half the potency.

    EDIT: I was paying $100 a quarter for slightly better weed before I found them, and I mean slightly better.

    I think outdoor growing probably has a negative connotation attached to it because of all the hype over bugs and animals and what-not, so if Meds Star was growing outdoors I can see why they might not advertise it. They do say grown organically... What's more organic than throwing some seeds outside? lol

    That said, maybe they have a greenhouse, I would expect to see like dust or spiders or bird poop on a plant that was really exposed to the elements for a couple months...
  9. Nice score
  10. im jealous of those prices.

    good danks bro, enjoy those goodies :D :bongin:

    also any facts on T-44? never heard of it, genetics?
  11. #11 Joe Kickass, Aug 11, 2011
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    I did find this: Smokers Guide Marijuana review for: T44 from Amsterdam coffee shop : De Kroon

    I think vanilla-spice is a better description than "kinda like jack herer" lol

    EDIT: nvm it's still on their menu here:

    They describe it as: "An Indica hybrid. Incredibly dense nuggets with booming flavor and aroma. T44 originated in Holland. Great aroma and flavor and very potent. Members are usually stunned by the density of these nuggets. It is an beautiful looking strain. Very popular."

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