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  1. I wanted to create a thread for us to discuss what we are putting our plants in and what we are feeding them, as well as any chemical or organic food, supplements, and nutrients that they are given. Passing on information of what works or does not and why is a key to all of us having potent, high yielding crops. Please post what you have found about any and all products. Happy growing
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  2. Every bodys different what works for me may fail for u

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  3. Used Canna Terra , Canna Flores, Ginormous (bud enhancer), and Molasses..(soil grow) on my last and current grow.
    All went just fine for burning and explosive flower, bud and veg growth..This grow I added Silica to the mix for stronger and thicker stems and branches..Happy with all Canna nutes, except for their Bloom, which was priced too high for me to consider.
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  4. there all good . as long as ts no a mg or homed depot or lowes brand or menards your golden they sell total bull shit nutrients even the best indoor farmer wont be able to make them work for your type of plants .
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  5. If I can't make it from source

    I don't use it

    as a result

    I grow well

    so do the plants

    as a side issue

    I save bulk cash

    good luck
  6. Fox Farmswhen I'm feeling fancy and organic mixes.
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  7. Nectar for The Gods, my plants love it.

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  8. ive heard a few times over the past week the same thing. its on my list to try. thanks:)
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