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  1. when i was younger i tryed a experment useing a hydroponic system using mediumless i used a ring or couler to support the plant i used a foam noodle for swiming pools to make the ring just cut a chunk off and make a slit then put the plant in the center and insurt into a bubbler i used tomato plants but mj would work im almost certian i used water sol. fert like peters with epson salt but for mj i would recomend a better hydro fert like avanced nut. or gh but the thing is you can just get a 10 gallon rubbermaid container and hot glue 4 12" bubble wands for fish tanks in the bottom and use two dual output fish pumps to supple the air to the bubbler the make the holes for the airlines close to the top but not in the lid so you can change nutes. or adjust it then measure your foam noodles circumfrence and then make holes in the lid thats under sized so it will hold really tight. with one ten gallon tub you could do probaly up to 8 plant holes. or many 3/4" holes to make a clones just let the mist from the poping bubles do the magic and cover the top with plastic wrap to control hum. the best part is that the parts for this can all be bought cheaply at wal-mart. and the noodle is only like 2 dollars and can make many pucks so it is cost efective i just thougth i would share this with everyone and hope it help someone out if i forgot something please post and ill answer it i hope to see this thread make a big differance and i hope to help everyone out p.s. im new to this site and i would just like to say hi to everyone and ask a quick question what do the green blocks by some peoples screen name mean and if its a good thing to have alot of them how do i get them please answer this im really curious thanks again and hi again Idahobuds
  2. Green blocks are reserved for those members that have mastered the use of the "Enter" key and punctuation.

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