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Medium vs. Large Space Case Grinder - which is more fine?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by undertheshade, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm planning on getting a new Space Case Grinder, and I can't decide between a medium and a large. I know the question of which size to get has been brought up before, but I've found that no one mentions how many blades are in each one.

    So this is my current grinder:

    Amazon.com: Authentic Chromium Crusher 2.5'' 4pc Herb Grinder with Lifetime Warranty: Everything Else

    If you look you'll see that there are three rows (circles) of blades. It's a 2.5" diameter.

    Here is the Space Case Medium Grinder:

    Medium space case herb grinder

    This is also a 2.5" diameter grinder...but with only 2 rows (circles) of blades.

    And here is the large Space Case Grinder:

    Space case herb grinder large

    Which has 3 rows (circles) of blades, but is a 3.5" diameter grinder.

    So does this really mean that a medium Space Case grinder is the same size as my Chromium Crusher but with an entire row less of blades? Wouldn't that inevitably result in a way less fine grind?

    I only vape, so having a fine grind is really necessary for me. I also plan on getting a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, which might make all of this irrelevant, but I still want my grinder to be as fine as possible.

    Can any Space Case owners confirm or deny that the Medium (2.5" grinder) only has 2 circles of blades?


    PS - Why would someone not get the magnetic grinder? It seems like it would be really annoying to have a grinder with a lid that doesn't magnetically attach.
  2. I can't really vouch for any of the space cases, but I support your idea of grinding and then using the finishing grinder, because that thing is legit. You should just get a grinder with a good kief catcher, because the finishing grinder doesn't rely on previous grinds to get a really fine consistency.

  3. Awesome, so you have and use one of the MF Finishing Grinders? What vape do you use for it? I really think that would be useful, but I haven't seen many reviews of it. The Vape Critic recommends it, though.

    I agree, I'm definitely gonna stick with the 4 pc. Gotta save the kief!
  4. That picture is of a small Space Case in the second link, not a medium. I have a medium and it has 3 rows of teeth, same as the Chromium Crusher.

    As far as medium vs. large goes, well, they should have similar grind consistencies, but large is WAYYYY bigger than you'd probably imagine, the thing is a fucking tank and can grind like a full eighth at a time, but is also pretty much too big to be bothered leaving your house with. Think about a 3" tall object that is circular 3 inches all around, huge.
  5. Just flip any 4 piece upside down and do a few turns to get a finer grind

    I do it all the time with my Sharpstone
  6. I had a friend with a space case, not sure which (it seemed pretty big to me, maybe the 3.5"), and it ground bud up quite fine and effortlessly. So it should have a very fine grind no matter which one you use.

    But like MR_ said, flip it upside down and you can basically have powdered bud. Probably no need for that "finishing grinder" (no idea what it is).

  7. For me, the 2pc is better because I want as much kief in my bud all the time.

  8. Interesting, if that's the case, then I'll definitely go with the medium. Thanks for sharing. And you're positive it's an authentic Space Case, right?

    Ya, I definitely flip the grinder upside down when grinding, and I typically grind everything twice, even with doing that, but I still wish it was a finer grind, so I'll probably snag one of those finishing grinders as well.
  9. Oh the finishing grinder is amazing. I use a Santa Cruz Shredder (which is amazing, by the way. You should look into getting one because it's on par with a Space Case) and even if I flip it upside down and grind, it will never come close to getting the bud to as fine a powder as the finishing grinder. But to answer your question, I use it on my mflb and volcano, the only two vapes I own. It produces such a fine grind that it's unusable for some vapes because it can be sucked through screens lol

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