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  1. So I have some ladies in pots. I am using Canna Terra Pro and wondering should I be ph-ing for soil, or soiless?

    The guy at one hydro shop said its soil, but I have heard others who class it as soiless..

    My ladies have had differing experiences with the Canna Terra and its PH. I recently flushed all (even the coco ones) with 5.5-6.0 water.

    Two of my ladies are beautiful and dark green with lovely flowers coming up. The other is thin, slow growth and kind of pale... Same medium, water..

    The two that are powering are sour diesel, and the one that's trouble is Blueberry.

    Anyone use CTP?

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  2. Canna terra is classed as a soil medium, even though its mainly peat. It's pH'd at source to keep cannabis happy. I never flush soil, all you're doing is washing out nutrients that you've paid for. Far better to just follow the feeding schedule and give them plain pH'd water for the last 7 - 10 days so they use up what ever's left...
  3. So I should be PHi g the canna Terra water at around 6.3-6.5?

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  4. I also gave them water after the flush then nutes at 1/3 strength 4 days after. I know flushing wasn't the best idea, but I was going off someone's advice.

    They have nutes, but the nutes ask for 5.6-5.8 water.

    Guessing the medium is the factor in all this?

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  5. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414726273.620318.jpg
    This one is the sour diesel. It's darker than that and healthy as a mofo. Flowering well and really filling out the tops :)

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414726350.196972.jpg
    This is the troublesome bitch. Tried nearly everything.

    That's my conundrum

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  6. Have you tried the canna website, if your using their medium and nutes they'll have a feeding schedule. Having different plants in soil and coco is complicating things for yourself, the 2 mediums need to be treated differently...
  7. Wasn't my choice. They ran out of CTP and weren't getting more in for months.. Complicated things are my forte.

    Just tested the blueberry. PH just above 7.

    I'm also using Dutch master nutes because they were a little weaker and I don't like using strong stuff

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