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  1. Howdy,

    I’m about to start my first indoor grow and I’m looking for recommendations on mediums to use. I should note that I’m located in a fairly remote town in Canada and don’t have any retail options other than miracle grow potting soil. Growing autos under LEDs in fabric pots.

    I’m trying to get some Cyco Coco-Coir/Pearlite blend online but having a hard time finding a retailer who will ship to a PO Box.

    Any suggestions? Should I use the local potting soil or am I missing something online? Anyone else order their soil online?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hold on the miracle-gro.
    Generally a bad idea but let me see if they have something without nutrients.
    Can’t you Amazon Fox Farm Ocean?
  3. I went to Miracle-Gro's site... precious little offering for us.
    This looks safe;
    Or roll your own ;
    add this;
    If you could just find some Fox Farm of Pro-Mix BX.
  4. The shipping chg on soil is a deal-breaker...
    Go out into the woods and scoop up some old compost underneath rotten logs,and mix that with either peat moss,or coco, and then some perlite, and you're almost there...Then shop your local gardening supply stores for whatever organic soil amendments ,or blended amendments they have,and add some of that in...Not everything you use HAS to be 'cannabis-specific' as long as you cover all the key necessities in NPK, and minerals needed...If it will grow tomatoes, it will grow weed...
  5. I could get the fox farm soil but was hoping to get a coir/pearlite blend.
  6. In deference to Budmiser, you could go either way.
    If I were bringing soil into my house, I'd prefer the packaged Fox Farm.
    I've lost two houseplants, this summer; I may be gun-shy about... critters.
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  7. Do you not have a local garden store? Where do you normally get regular garden supplies from?
    The problem with getting soil delivered is its big and heavy and can cost as much to deliver as it costs to buy the product itself.

    If you do buy miracle grow read the label to see if it's for growing in as it is, or for amending other soil. Some people have tried growing plants in fertiliser and branded the miracle grow as the fault. This was grown in miracle grow, only thing else I put in it up until this photo was taken was tap water

  8. Hell, I get bugs no matter what I do...LOL
  9. No brainer, All perlite in a fabric bag for autos, everybody is doing it. I buy my coarse perlite from A.M. Leonard for $40 for 4 cubic feet, which comes in a box that will blow away if left in the wind. In a bind you can find small 8qt bags for $3 at walmart, ace hardware, Lowes, and places like that.
    You rinse it and put it in the bag, and the auto seed can be planted right in the pure perlite, no seed starter needed.
    The only thing you have to do is keep spraying until plant developes roots. Then it is just like soil. The bags stay moist a long time. Once the roots start poking through, you can back off the fertilizer and you are pretty much set until smoking time. For big plants use 5 or 7 gallon bags. For little plants 1 or 2 gallons. And for normal plants 3 gallons is ideal. You'll see. Auto in a bag filled with perlite is the gateway to hydro heaven. You can do anything you read about, and then fix that stupid mistake all in a matter of 5 minutes. Coarse is not required, just more uniform. Horiticultural grade has many different sizes and is probably slightly superior, but I like the uniform size of coarse. It was a wild ride from 100% organic soil to 100% pure perlite. The bags helped.
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  10. I agree with Talkative - 100% perlite. I prefer original hempy buckets.
    Good luck.
  11. I have traditional 5 gallon all perlite hempys outside. Any seed which blows in starts growing. I just dump my indoor runoff on them. I was afraid 5 gallon would not have proper oxygenation, but I was wrong, the roots do all the work.
  12. Check out Royal Gold Tupur. Its coco/perlite/aged forest products. It drains EXTREMELY well. I used it for my first coco grow and had very good results on this White Chem:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hubbabubbasmelloscope Quantum Board Grow
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  13. Almost too pretty to harvest.
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