Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Just wondering if anyone meditates in here???

    If so, do you find being high helps, or has a negitive impact?
  2. my thoughts usually spas out
  3. I rarely meditate, but sometimes. I don't like to do it while high because my goal in meditating is usually to clear my mind of everything rather then to figure things out as I do when I'm in a "deep" or "spiritual" high, I get too creative when I'm high to clear my mind :p.
  4. cool... I've been looking into to it lately. I smoke mainly to relax. and meditating may well do some good for me. :smoke:
  5. Definititely man, I highly recommend (sp?) it :).
  6. i do, a bit. i smoke to relax, and i have a sort of ritual i do occaisionaly to clear my mind and just chill out totally...... gets me what christianity gets for some people. you become one with the world..... often ive left my body partially. basically this ritual is get high, turn out all the lights, burn some incence, sitt cross leged on the floor and listen to sigur ros (check them out..... theser guys are great. they are from iceland and they make up their own language,. their album has no track names and is called '()'. (jusat the parenthesis, tho) and it is so great. if you hjave itunes buy like track 12, or one of the really long ones.) and just trip with the music, it starts quiet and builds to a climax, then backs off. its amazing.

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