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  1. So I start everyday by meditating and this morning I had by far the craziest experience ever and im wondering if any fellow blades could give me some insight about it.
    So I sat there and slowly cleared my mind and let my body completely relax. I was feeling so relaxed it was probably the most relaxed feeling I have ever had. Then I felt a rush. My whole body started to tingle. Then my palms and the bottoms of my feet started to get warm. I felt as if I was actually lifting above the ground. I had a very overwhelming sense of completeness. Then I felt a warming sensation in the center of my chest and then the warmness pulsed through my entire body and ended in my finger and toe tips. But I lost concentration and the feeling left me. But it was a very moving experience. But I feel like I didn't experience the whole of what my mind was trying to show me. Is there anyway I could bring back this experience? Has anyone else ever had a experience like this?
  2. oooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. I'm guessing you cut off circulation and It was a crazy tingly feeling and stuff. But that's awesome, I have always wanted to be good at meditating and wanted to experience something like that!#ass&grass
  4. How do you meditate? Iv always wanted to try it, can you tell me exactly what you do? I want first person experience, not a youtube video, thanksSent from my SPH-D710BST using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Well I start off by lighting a incense and turning off distractions like tv and cell phone and stuff. Then I sit down get into a comfortable position I like to cross my legs with my pelvis tilted slightly forward and it is important to make sure you are completely relaxed. Then you close your eyes and slowly begin to eject the thoughts from your mind. Concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. Slow deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose. Meditation is about focus and concentration. Personally I think its the best way to start and finish your day. Great time to reflect on aspects of your life.
  6. Just keep on meditating. If your minds tryin to show you Something it will eventually. I'v mediated before and started to trip a little bit. it was like intense vibration of positive energy working its way through my body.
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  7. The feeling was very overwhelming, it was a very intense experience. I felt it return this morning for a second but I lost concentration because my daughter woke up and started crying.
  8. Thanks, ill try it outSent from my SPH-D710BST using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Definitely do it! It is very relaxing

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