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Meditation Period

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntedbravo, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. One of my friends said he has gone like 4-5 months without eating, and only smoking weed... is he full of shit, or can it be done?:confused:
  2. well I'm going to vote no on this one don't get me wrong but id say that weed has no nutrients that can sustain life in the absence of food thru the burning and inhalation of said herb....
  3. No theres no way!!
  4. I would believe 4-5 WEEKS without food but NOT months.

    that is physically impossible herbage or not.

    especially since (as stated before) pot smoke has NO nutritional value.
  5. Well, your friend is full of shit.

  6. haha i love it sig..
  7. It's called fasting, and yes, it's definitely possible, though maybe for not quite THAT long..most people don't have the willpower/determination to do it such an extended period Go read about Mahatma Gandhi's fasting, or any sort of Hindu Shaman ritual involving fasting. You'd be amazed what you can do to your body and still live.
  8. well....if u ate nothing at all...u would lose half a pound a day...normal people burn around 200-2500 cal a day...and a pound has 3500 he mustve been SERIOUSLY overwieght just to SURVIVE....a normal person would die after 1 motnh...he musta been like 150-200 pound overweight
  9. I'm pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that ~70 days was the 'boiling point' for your body where it just gives up and starts eating and deteriorating the rest of your body besides muscle/fat. So if they were skinnier probably couldn't make it that long.

    Your friend sounds like he's full of bull.
  10. Why the hell would anyone want to fast/meditate several months with no food? Live & eat. The fuck? haha
  11. why would you want to get stoned and not eat? i was so disappointed when i had my teeth pulled, got mad high and opened the fridge only to relize i couldn't eat anything. it was depressing.
  12. Odds are the guy was high and over exaggerated, its hard to take what people say when they are high 100% seriously.

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