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Meditation help

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Bongjointblunt, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right thread but this can be moved if necessary.

    So Ive been a regular almost everyday toker for about 2 years now, but for the past month
    whenever i blaze all i can think about is my heart rate speeding up therefore causing anxiety and actually increasing it.

    I know this is all solely in my head and try to block it out every time but its just sitting in the back of my head bothering me and ruining my high most the time.

    Ive heard meditation is able to control your conscience and thoughts and im interested in trying it out but have no idea where i should begin

    Anyone have any tips that i should know or have personal experiences starting meditation? Even a website link would help me out majorly. I just wanna be able to have a chill high like old times and not worrying.

    In before " smoke moar" or " stop being a pussy"
  2. After i had my first major panic attack while smoking, i completely gave up weed and i was too afraid to even go near it again. It wasn't until i began doing deep meditation and hypnosis, that i was able to return to the glorious herb. Weed (to me, at least) is just sort of an instant relaxant, and it helps ease stress throughout your body and mind. Meditation's more or an inner relaxation, it really makes you forget about a lot of your worries. Basically, it's all connected to your breathing. Relaxing your jaw, inhaling deeply through your nose (and holdin it) and then exhaling through your mouth alone can calm your mind. Sit and practice doing this in a quiet, relaxing place. After you practice different techniques, you can learn to fall into a deep trance almost instantly. What really helped me was this Jnspire guy's youtube videos. I began to look into hypnosis videos as a means of "guided meditation" and it really set everything off. Here's some of my favorites by him, but he has many more as well.

    For stress: [ame=]YouTube - Hypnosis for Stress[/ame]
    Relaxation: [ame=]YouTube - Relaxation hypnosis 3[/ame]
    Sleep/Relax: [ame=]YouTube - Hypnosis for Sleep III[/ame]

    I'm not an advertisement for this guy or anything, he just has a gift to get anyone started with meditation. Hope i was some help mon'
  3. ^hypnosis is really powerful

    But this will be much better answered in the Spirituality forum.

    Either way, my experience with fear and weed did not settle down because I learned to banish the fear, but I learned to accept it. Once you accept the fear as a brother and not as an enemy, it ceases to be frightening anymore.
  4. thanks for the replies guys, ill be trying these out asap and will report with my experiences
  5. Hey man,
    I see I'm a few weeks late here, but here goes anyway-

    I've been experimenting with meditation for the past few weeks, but I really don't have the time to be achieving the Nirvana states of a Yogi master (plus, I live in Harlem, where everything is always very loud). I have brought myself into a state of hypnagogia a few times, but I can't do it on purpose (and then I fall asleep.) I'm seriously considering giving this a try:

    If you're very interested in meditative states of consciousness, there is a "lazy man's solution": Floatation tanks. A floatation tank is the newer terminology for a sensory deprivation tank. It's basically a large tank that you enter bodily. There is a small reserve of water that you lay in, and it is full of epsom salts, so you float. The water is heated to the exact temperature of human skin. This means you can't feel anything. There is no light, so you can't see anything. Your ears are submerged, so you can't hear anything (most tanks are soundproofed as well). I guess there just isn't anything to smell. Most sessions are 1-1 1/2 hours, and after some time your brain begins to stimulate itself, allowing you to easily achieve a meditative, and possibly hallucinogenic experience. Apparently it feels like floating in space.

    From what I've read this is extremely therapeutic for anxiety, or any kind of ailment (even physical, like migraines, or I've even read about Vietnam vets with shrapnel stuck in their backs having healing experiences).

    Google search for commercial floatation tank spas in your area, as having your own in- house tank isn't realistic!-where I live, there is a spa that is exclusively floatation and infrared sauna; however, some chiropractors, massage parlors, Qi-Gung, Ayurveda, or other alternative healing places might have a tank as well. To give you an idea of prices, the one I'll be going to is $80/hr, $100/1.5 hr, but it's likely those are NYC prices, as well as the fact that the place is in Chelsea (really fashionable, ritzy, posh district in midtown Mnhtn that I normally stay away from). Here are some links for ya:

    [ame=]YouTube - Joe Rogan Floatation Tank[/ame]
    Isolation tank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Peace out man, hope I aroused your interest! I'll definitely be doing this soon.

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