Meditation and Marijuana

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  1. Does Marijuana effect the level of your meditation?
  2. yes..


    but not really.. :cool: :p
  3. What do you mean? Meditate?
  4. Yes I reach deeper levels more quickly and i have really intense physical feelings sometimes like tumbling through time and space and being ripped apart, which is crazy. It really is just a more profound and interesting experiance.
  5. I think meditation forms the explanation of psychedelic for the herb. It always enhances my colors and forms of thought with eyes open, but with eyes closed, it creates an unexplainable trance state that is truly a gift. Especially when outside.
  6. I haven't found that it helps much. I prefer to meditate when I'm not high, so that all of my results will be directly induced by my own will instead of any outside influence.
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    I think it makes a big difference, especially when combined with music producing hemispheric resonance. Doing this allows you to experience synchronised brain-wave activity while producing those specific states of consciousness associated with meditation and trance. Definitely an effective way of using this sacred plant to balance, heal, transform, and evolve consciousness.

  8. I don't meditate enough. I need to start, though.
  9. I tried meditating stoned while listening to some floyd, I can't remember if I actually got to where I wanted to be but I do remember feeling like I was falling through a super fast warped space portal, it was intense.
  10. Yes.

  11. Heck yeah it does. Its hard to hone the mental power that comes with marijuana. But I like doing kundalini work with it. But I advise caution for someone who isn't familiar with kundalini sober as its so intense it can make you go insane. Also the 7 hathors seem to come to me while meditating with cannabis more so. Particularly bastet. Its just a matter of keeping concentration with pot, but it opens doors you never dreamed exsisted.

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