Meditating in 12th Dimensional Frequency.

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    soon dude, nobody can help you but yourself because the only thing we know as absolute in this universe is what can be proven, and being dishonest and spreading things that can't be proven just causes problems

    i like the idea of ascension it's a very sexy idea, i really have looked into it, but i literally can't find anything to convince me it's real, if you could convert me somehow by providing some evidence i am perhaps missing, that would be nice, don't respond with something negative like 'science is wrong blah blah' please, i really don't want to go there, because computers weren't invented by religious fundamentalists, nothing great has been invented by people who don't follow logic, are there any great inventors who have ideologies like 'fuck logic i just invent shit son'? I'm just assuming there aren't any, if there are some please show me

  2. Not everything can be proven with science. Not that it may never be, but our current technology just may not be capable of detecting these kinds of things to prove them. Our closest step so far has been kirlian photography.

    A good example is not too long ago humans used to believe that the sun revolved around the earth. Because we didn't have to ability to prove otherwise. We also used to think sickness was cause by magic and gods, not by tiny, unseeable microscopic creatures.

    I understand your thought process %100 though. I used to be the same way until psychedelics opened my minds to the unimaginable possibilities. Since then I have been able to see auras and manipulate my chakra and energy.

  3. I clicked on the link I provided. It opened up a new page. That page had a few links so I clicked on the first link at that opened up a new page. Now I am not going to copy and paste the whole page, but I will copy and paste the first paragraph...

    There is much information and understanding that will open in your awareness as you integrate the information on this web site and the Teachings as brought forth through the MCEO. This section of the web site is geared toward giving you a "road map" of what to do next, where to begin and how to proceed. You can also get help on any aspect of your journey or find out if there are other people working with these same Technologies and Teachings in your country/city/area, by asking questions on the Keylontic Science Yahoo Egroup. You can join this e-group by clicking on this link: Keylontic Science Egoup

    The link was so I decided to go to and there was more information.

    Two clicks, a mild dose of intelligence and voilá...the information super-highway.

    If as you are saying you are making polite conversation then why do you need to swear? Not very polite is it? Passive aggressive behaviour isn't polite either and if this stuff does not interest you then what are you doing here?

    Seems like people were able to find the can opener, whereas you decided to moan about it and be rude. The ones with manners proceeded to ask questions, they had their questions answered. The moral of the story? Good manners and intelligence will get you further than moaning and bad manners.

    When people start going on about science as proof I shut down. It ends up going down logical fallacies and having been down that road I don't want to go down it again. It just drains energy. Some things can not be explained by science (just yet).

    I think the mistake you are making is...."computers weren't invented by religious fundamentalists". The religious fundamentalists are a minority. Most religious people turn to religion for love and compassion. I'm not disagreeing with you that many religions are misguided, but to call every religious person a fundamentalist is misguided and you are tarnishing everyone with the same brush.

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein all believed in G-d. Each contributed to the development of mankind. Are they fundamentalists? Logic and G-d are not mutually exclusive!

    I know that you have been down the ascension path before through the Galactic Federation of Light and so on. I think the GFL are the fallen angelics, 4th dimensional beings. I would be very weary of them.

    I am not saying that science is bad. Some science is bad, but not all of it. In fact I fully embrace science. Ascension, spiritual awakening merges with science, they are not mutually exclusive.

    As a spiritualist you can learn from science, how this matrix in which we are is constructed. If you know medicine it is easier to talk to your DNA, visualise the parts that perform the actions we want them to perform. Similarly science could learn from spirituality that the universe is a fractal. The search for the G-d particle could save billions and years by taking a leaf from spiritualists.

    We all seem to agree on the benefits of meditation. So why not try them and see if they work out for you instead of shooting down the concept a priori based on pre-conceived ideas?

    If I could point out a couple of things regarding your path to ascension. 1 is that you can not call every religious person a fundamentalist. As I said you are tarnishing everyone with the same brush. Einsten believed in G-d. Your whole logic is flawed. So please...if you are going to moan at people who don't use logic, you should at least use correct logic. Your logic is severely flawed yet you moan at other's whose logic is flawed. Pot calling the kettle.

    Also, I think that your signature is wrong. You are outing someone for having different ideas than yours. It is not cool at all and in my humble opinion is the sign of a lesser man. Worry about your self instead of outing others. I am sure that if I went through your previous posts I would find some bs to quote, out you and make you look stupid. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Outing is a bullying tactic, the sign of lesser people. Couldn't you just leave it in the thread or does it make you feel better? Does it comfort you knowing that someone else is wrong? Bleh...a lesser human. Well done. Kudos to you :sarcasm:

    There is nothing that I can show you that will change your mind. You are set in preconceived ideas. So, re-calibrate your logic, start treating others as you want to be treated yourself, drop the bullying tactics and maybe, just maybe, the ascension questions you are after will come to you. Until then you are stuck.
  4. are you using the eckasha code or the hierophant?
  5. [quote name='"TesseLated"']

    probably look into who made the vid...I bet they are fundie Christians[/quote]

    As i suspected prob fear mongering, but then it led me to think why cant they both coexist, im not knocking anyone who follows christianity or anything, i believe jesus was somewhat a philosopher of his time (loosely).... He taught peace and moral human behavior, but somewhere along the line someone turned the teachings into a tool of control and fear mongering, as far as demons go, there are lower realms in the spiritual dimensions where non lightbeings reside so i believe that plays into the hell story....but not in the way its portrayed in christianity....i realized im derailing this thread a bit....i apologize.. If someone can kindly move it to the proper one ill appreciate it...if thats possible that is.

  6. Hell of a good question.

    I first started out using just the eckasha code. Later when I came across the study guide I started implementing the hierophant as well.

    I have tried using the hierophant first and then the eckasha but I find that it works better for me if I use the eckasha first and then the hierophant.

    I've been wondering about this one too. I tried both ways, but eckasha first and hierophant second seems to be more powerful. Plus if you have your eckasha activated, then you move the hierophant to the eckasha and sort of double up the power of the eckasha.

    If you have had different experiences I would love to hear about them. Not many people to discuss these things with.
  7. I read it and was confused about that part. I am trying it though, it can help with lucid dreaming which i'm trying as well.

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