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  1. so i just started meditating. I've looked into it a bit, but just recently started. Only thing is, i can't concentrate for long enough, its really frustrating. I'll keep a clear mind for 5-7 minutes, and by then im fully convinced ive been sitting for a half hour. any advice?

    although even with 5-7 minutes i can already feel how it helps
  2. Keep practicising.
  3. a technique i read about a few years ago to practice concentration is to - imagine yourself as a pebble slowly sinking in a clear, calm river. Until the pebble softly hits the riverbed.
  4. Focus on your breathing, when you breath in and out picture blue smoke going into your nostrils down into your chest and then out of your chest through your nostrils and back into the air.
  5. Are you smoking enough marijuana before meditating?
  6. haha noob, drink some opium tea
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    I was in the same boat as you last month. Just take your time, do 10 mins meditation a day. In couple weeks, you'll notice that its easy to get no thought for 10 mins. by that time, if your mind keep coming back, just keep focusing on your breathing and look at the images in your closed eyes, (3rd eye) 15 or 20 mins into mediation, if your thoughts keep coming back then just stop. Try a 20 mins section everyday till its easy to get no thoughts. Then do a 30 mins section and so forth.

    GTFOH troll,

    You don't really need mary jane to mediate. Its easier, yeah. but overtime, you won't really need it.
  8. i've done it with and without, didn't notice much difference. I also tried with and without music - i liked it better without music, but only because i couldnt find a good song. I was listening to Aqueos Transmission by Incubus, which was actually awesome, but once he started singing, it became hard to keep my mind clear... i gotta find an instrumental of that song.

    i've also tried the burning candle technique which i thought was pointless.

    umm... nah im good. Although beleive it or not i did smoke opium before meditating one of the times... i mean, yea it gave me a thoughtless head, but i dont think i was meditating as much as i was nodding off and falling asleep.

    good advice man. good work on progressing so much in a month. So far, i can only do about 5 minutes at a time, and i plan on adding a minute each day, i feel like thats a decent plan, even if it will take me two weeks to get to 20 minutes. It took me a very long time to get my brain the way it is now, so id imagine learning to meditate will be a similar process... i got patience and time.

    but yea, as of now, after 5-8 minutes, i become completely unfocused and really lose the effect of meditating. I also have housemates, and they aren't entirely like me. We get along great, but theyre your typical 'average joe.' I always get the urge to start saying "ommm" when im meditating, but then i lose focus n start thinking about my roommates haha, so i gotta start doin it when noones around, cuz i feel like using my voice would actually help a lot.

    I've also read of a few hand positions to use, but im only using two right now that i really like - i tried others but these two seemed much more effective for me (either typical index finger and thumbs touch, hand rested on knees, or i used the right hand in palm, resting on my crocial (sp? lol) region)

  9. ahahahaha
  10. I would say try to go to a guided meditation. I got really stoned and went to one. She

    led me through the meditation which made it a lot easier since I am new to it.
  11. I've never smoked it, but my buddy ordered dryed poppies and made bomb "tea" I slipped into a state of unconditional awareness, the trippiest part is being aware of it when ur in the mindset of not letting any conception into thought

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