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Medicinal weed in CT?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by downtownianbrown, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Does anybody know where to find the qualifying conditions for a medical weed card in Connecticut? Medicinal weed is legal here, however I don't want to drop $200 for a trip to the medical clinic and find out I don't qualify, looked everywhere and can't find the conditions necessary. I'm pretty sure it's a lot stricter than Cali but I have no idea where to get the info.

    R.i.p The Jive
    also the weed is horrible, mediocre quality, pre ground and a good amount of little stems.
    and it's like $520/oz
  3. but, hey! they have dispensaries openin up!! lol
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    Wooooooowww...520/ounce? Dispensaries are basically highway robbery. Even 400/ounce is robbery. Hopefully they smarten up here in Canada when we legalize it and make the prices somewhat competitive to the black market.
  5. God please help Connecticut.

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  6. Word thanks, looks like I qualify. But if it's as bad as you say I guess I'll stick to the weed man.

    R.i.p The Jive
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    If you qualify, get the card and don't buy from the dispensaries. The MMJ card itself will also work as a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.
    I'm in Calif and I get much better prices from a grower than the dispensaries BUT I still get my MMJ card just to be legal/safe.
  8. Board of physicians are adding more to that list after a meeting November 26 I live in CT as well
  9. My current physician is pretty conservative when it comes to prescriptions. Anyone know of any doctors in CT that can get me a MM card?

    R.i.p The Jive
    yeah that.
    you get to have 2.5 oz's on you in public whether it was purchased from the dispensary or not... so the card does have a benefit.
  11. Google dcp mmp program

    I have mine, so let me know if you have questions
    yeah.. it tasted really good.
    but not many trichomes to be seen, since they ground it up already and probably lost a ton of keif in the process.
    it got me baked, but i wanna see full buds for that kind of cash.
  13. I vape, so I don't mind the ground form...

    I actually got annoyed the other day grinding it myself... haha.

    I am indoctrinated.

    the weed is tested after the grounding, so the test reports are accurate, ie: 23.7 thc-a, etc...

    i hear ya man.. if i didn't grow or have a super reliable dealer, i'd probably buy it too. I just don't like the way the whole program is setup. and I really hate the idea of ground up weed.. if it were 300/oz i probably wouldn't be so annoyed by it.

  15. I agree 100%. I, too, have reliable sources.

    the price will drop once the other 4 suppliers are running...

    they need to let patients grow their own..
    it's outrageous that they allow a few growers to have the monopoly on it...
  17. Thanks guys I'm definitely gonna go for it. Such bullshit that insurance doesn't cover it but I'm just glad people are coming to their senses and legalizing

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