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medicinal use in a non medical state

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DojaCFR, May 13, 2011.

  1. In 2003 I was crossing the road in jacksonville fl, when I was hit by a car. I was even pronounced clinically dead before I came back (weird story). Anyways I lost most the bone in my lower left leg, plus multiple head and brain injuries, now I've mostly recovered except for the leg.

    It seems to hurt and bother me more and more lately, and honest to god smoking marijuana (or vapeing) helps me tremendously.
    However I do not live in a medical state.

    My questions are: should Florida ever go MMJ would I be able to get a recc from a doctor? Should I be going to a doctor now (I am not) and setting up a "medical history" of complaints or would the initial injury be enough for a recommendation?

    Also I haven't made any attempts or serious plans yet, but I've been thinking of moving to a medical state, if I were to move to a medical state, would it be harder to get a card being from out of state or anything?

    Any advice, stories, or anything would help..thanks blades
  2. Moving to a mmj state is a great idea imo. I wouldnt leave a well paying job or family or anything for it but to each his own. I moved to cali from IL for a bit so i could recieve mmj for my hemophilia and let me tell you it was the happiest time of my life. No waking up everymorning either dealing with the pain or having to deal with street dealers to get my meds
  3. But was it a hard or easy process? Idk why I just don't wanna seem like a stoner trying to get weed ya know?
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    Hon, if you stay in Florida, join PUFMM. :hello: It's a VERY active MMJ group! They can clue you in on the local stuff you need to know.

    If you move, California is the best bet. All you need there is your medical records proving your ailment, California ID (Driver's license or State ID card) and some cash. You make an appointment, see the doc and walk out an hour later- absolutely legal! As long as you have a legit medical reason to use, it's THAT easy! :yay:

    One kid told in a post how he didn't even need medical records- he just lifted his shirt and showed the doc the scars from his rather messy motorcycle accident :eek: - this would likely work for you, too.

    Granny :wave:
  5. Thanx, i actually did some promoting and petition work for PUFMM around the last election, haven't done anything since tho.

    I know I have a legit reason, but I haven't been to a doctor in a few years (Mad poor and such) but should I start going for pain complaints, and have a medical history that normal meds don't work (they don't, or they just make me stupid and non functional)

    I need to get to the docs anyway since I now have diabetes and have trouble controlling my blood sugar, just waiting on some Nedi benefits fro, the government or my job.

  6. Sounds like all you need to do is update your medical records. be sure you mention, and they make note in your records, as to WHY you've not been to the Dr (a good Dr will understand how no income can affect seeking medical care). With updated records in tow, if you move, you shouldn't have any troubles ;)

    until you move though, send your reps as much info as you can, to sway them towards mmj. :D

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