medication that is supposed to help you, does it weaken you?

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  1. just something i've been wondering to myself for a while now.

    I'm not someone who likes to take medication to get better from everything. If it's major i'll do what I need to to get better, but for people with headaches, sore stomach, all these things that most people probably get more often than not, do you think that taking all these advils and gravol and anything to just mask the pain and sore for a while is weakening your body to be able ot fight it off?

    Do you think that if these people fought off these headaches and sorenesses without the help of pills or medications, they would become more able to fight these things off naturally than having to rely on going to these pills everytime?

    Just curious. Feels like if I were to take a pill or something everytime i felt a bit sick or ill or sore, that i'd be more reliant on it and would make me want to go back to it everytime.

    Anyone think this works this way or am I just fooling myself?
  2. yeah it seems to me that it would make your body forget how to deal with these things naturally.
  3. Yeah, I agree, which is very hypocritical of me. . . :rolleyes:
  4. correct me if im wrong but from what i know without those drugs your body builds up its immunity to those diseases/infections/etc. (think a vaccine) and taking a drug lessens if not totally halts this process. Weakening? not sure. but it certainly effects you negatively. which is why i try to avoid drugs unless for recreational use ;)
  5. i agree.

    has anyone noticed their immune system is pretty run down the day after rolling or taking a good amount of adderalls?

    whenever i do a heavy dose of amphetamines during flu season, i get sick. no matter what. its happened 3 times this year and ive ended up having to fight a bad cold for a week. I EVEN TOOK VITAMIN C! haha. but seriously, this happen to other people here?
  6. Yes, it definitely works that way in some cases OP.

    The western model of healing differs greatly from the eastern. In the west, health is simply the absense of illnesses. It's just there, and it's neither positive or negative. In the east, health is a state of being reached by the removal of toxins from the body. Very little in the way of drugs that can build up in the body are given in the eastern model of healing.

    For this reason western healing is sort of a double edged sword. Sure, it may help you in the immediate future...but what is it doing to your body in the long term? It is shutting down your natural defenses, making your body forget how to fight disease on its own, and the accrual of toxins as byproducts of medications can even make you sicker. Not to mention all the hormones and preservatives we ingest everyday from non-natural, non-organic foods.

    Medication should only be used when absolutely necessary. If you've got a healthy diet and take care of your body it will be able to fight off the mundane stuff.
  7. Glad I got some good responses, now I don't feel like a dumbass when I tough it out through headaches and illness and refuse these little get better pills or medicine.
  8. Sometimes pills are necessary and must be taken to fix it. Sometimes they are taken to feel better. It makes sense that it would weaken you if you kept taking the "feel better" variety.
  9. Always had that theory. That's the reason I don't take antibiotics, and haven't for the past 4 or so years, except when I had my wisdom teeth taken out and got dry socket. But I have to say, either something really weird happened, or yes my body did get used to fighting off illness because my colds get about as bad as having to blow my nose 1-2 times a day, and I haven't actually gotten sick in over 2 years now, except for a flu, but that isn't a bacterial infection. Same thing with anti-depressants, and I have actually read a study on that, can't find it now otherwise I would post, but basically said that over time SSRI's more or less damage your brains ability to naturally produce serotonin, which in theory would damage your ability to fight off depression even more so in the future only making you dependent on said anti-depressants. Not going to say that nobody should take these meds, but it is over prescribed and not needed nearly as much as people think it is.
  10. yeh i think it does. being on oxy all this time i think i may lost my intelligence that I had beforehand. i'm still quite brainy mind you but I cant see myself like I was beforehand! my memory is for sh*t also!
  11. Yeah like I said I rarely take pills or medication to feel better if its anything that I can get over within a day or two or whatever.

    and luckly I rarely get sick enough to call it sick! I get a small cold or flu last for a couple days but nothing that my own body can't fight off without tons of help. I've always been that way.

    Toughing it out and allowing your body to get over itself seems to be more helpful in the long run. To some thought with small tolerance will go to these things right away and end up being more sick than anyone!
  12. Being sick is one thing, and there's a lot to be said about antibiotics here but I just want to point out that having a headache is completely different.

    "Toughing it out" through a headache isn't in any way going to make your body stronger. There are a myriad of different types of headaches and different reasons that you might have a headache but keeping yourself in pain isn't doing anything at all to fix it and in some cases, serious headaches can be warning signs of medical problems that you need to tend to.

    I think that a lot of headaches that people have in modern society are caused by drugs that people often don't even think about (ie caffeine, tobacco, alcohol.) But the bottom line is that taking some tylenol or aspirin every once in awhile for a headache isn't going to do anything to increase or decrease your headache frequency. There is simply no physiological mechanism to support that claim.

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