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  1. I ran into some people today that were telling me how it was sort of a struggle for them to buy their medication due to high prices and high tolerance. How easy is it for you to get your medication where you are from and how are the prices. 

  2. Well, prices are what prices are. In my case I was paying *minimum* $400 oz and up for my herb for 10 years, now I am paying 290 a lid (depending on strain) so the prices here are actually lower. The tolerance is the tricky one I am working around. Funny thing is, I had little tolerance and smoked for 20 years and never had a problem. Then for a job I had to dry out and was put on prescription painkillers for 7 years that I am sure fried my brain (left me disabled). The funny thing though is after detoxing off the opiates, it now takes a LOT of very good bud to get my minds' attention anymore, sad that it is...I am hoping time will heal whatever the opiates did because I like what herb does for me and my condition....One (small) way I am finding to hold back the tolerance monster is to keep smaller amounts of a variety of things around and switch often throughout the day. For example. I keep bowls of hash, some dabs, few joints of (say) sour deisel and a few pipes with things like Cherry Pie, White Widow, etc in them so all day I hit one, then the next, etc and it really helps.
  3. Cali, tons and tons of medi pot and concentrates available everywhere. Prices all over the place: $100 - $400+/oz.

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