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medicating morning sickness with marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buttfuckbarbie, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. This is a touchy subject with a number of people. I was wondering your personal opinions on it, and if you have any actual references to support what your sayin then rock on, feel free to share. Some say its wrong because another living being is being forced to partake in a drug and out of respect should stop. Others say its fine because it hasn't been told to harm the fetus and aids in getting rid of morning sickness.

    My opinion? I smoked when I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage. Was the miscarriage related to the smoking? I don't know. I didn't know I was pregnant until I realised my period was way too heavy and too different to be normal, so it could be from the stress I was going though at the time. But I was thinking that what was actually morning sickness was just stress symptoms and I smoked to help deal. It did mostly get rid of my vomiting, it calmed my nerves down to where I wasn't in a panic attack 24/7, and it actually made me want to eat as opposed to feeling sick to my stomach just from looking at food. It did help and aid in what was going on at the time.

    Now, if I was pregnant again and had morning sickness, I would medicate with marijuana but on a much smaller scale. Like, one or 2 hits from a bowl when I'm about to get sick, and just leave it at that until I'm about to throw up again which shouldn't be for another 2-3 hours. And in the last trimester stopping all together due to the fact that if I were to go into premature labor they drug test the mother and they will take my child away if I have anything in my system and because there is no more reason to medicate when typically at that stage of the pregnancy there isn't any more morning sickness. Now, on the same hand, if I was in a high risk pregnancy I would not partake due to not wanting to put my body though any more stress than it needs to be in.
  2. You shouldn't be smoking, drinking, or doing any drugs if you are pregnant. That's only if you want to have a normal healthy child. I wouldn't even want to take that chance of harming and crippling an unborn child.
  3. my sister smoked through her pregnancy up to the third trimester and had a very healthy baby so i dont think its fair to say not to smoke but to jus be safe
  4. i guess unfortunately that is part of being pregnant. If you dont want those uncomforts of being pregnant then be more careful when youre having sex to make sure you dont get pregnant. im sure theres gunna be alot more uncomfortable things that will happen.

    I'm a guy, but the way I look at it is wouldnt you rather deal with 9 months of sickness and stay sober rather than taking/smoking/doing something that will mess up the baby then they have some problem and/or retardation then you have to take care of them for the rest of their life.
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    Ive said this before on here and ill say it once more. A friend of mine had a baby about 6 years ago and never stoped toking while she was with child. And there is clearly something off with this child now. Im not a doctor but im pretty sure the poor kid is retarded in some way.

    Did marijuana cause this? who knows like i said im not a doctor but i do know this girl smoked heavliy all 9months. Just somethin to think about. If i was a chick and was expecting i whould not smoke period but who really knows if it does anything?

    I think its like boozes or cigs or any chemical u put into your body you should just STOP. IF your pregs.

    And if my gf had my child inside her and was smoking/drinking (ive never hit a women in my life) i whould slap her beacuse thats just a cruel thing to do.
  6. Yeah it's possible to have a healthy baby, but what I meant was the risk is not worth it.
  7. My wife's OB told her stories of how women would put out their joint as they walked up to the hospital to give labor.

    He also said he would rather her smoke a couple cigs a day instead of trying to quit, causing all kinds of stress which could lead to gestational diabetes because some women tend to pig out when they quit smoking.

    Sure there is a chance it could cause low birth weight but it's been done in the past and if it was so dangerous, there would be a helluva lot more fucked up children
  8. i can't be the only person thinking this:

    if you're buttfuckbarbie, how the hell did you get pregnant?
  9. I personally would not smoke when I am pregnant. There is not enough research out there to support smoking while pregnant for me to be comfortable with the risk.

    I look at it like this: We all agree that children should not smoke marijuana. Most of us agree that it probably can be damaging to a young developing brain. So smoking while pregnant can be just as bad if not worse for the child. The baby gets its nutrients from the mother's blood supply which has THC in it if she is smoking. So the baby is getting stoned while in the womb. I'm not a scientist, but I would not want to introduce a developing baby to THC when I would not allow an older child to smoke because the marijuana could potentially cause damage.

    If on the other hand you do decide to control morning sickness with marijuana, then I suggest vaping. This way you are only consuming pure THC and nothing else that could be harmful.
  10. If done in small doses occasionally i think it would be fine. BUT i do not thinking toking everyday or in large ammounts is good. the risk of harming the baby is greater than the discomfort of morning sickness. just be smart
  11. have you lost your mind?

    im not even going to read your post!!!!

    this is a disgrace
  12. you do realize you added nothing to this thread correct? and all you did was piss someone off.

    my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me. and i came out in the top 5% of my graduating high school class. but thats just me. If it was me havin the baby, i wouldnt be smokin nothin.
  13. i use marijuana to calm morning sickness as much as possible, although im not a pregnant woman, and i would not advise any pregnant woman to smoke anything, its just not worth the risk.
  14. Every single thread on this is the same, it's like a broken record same shit over and over and over.

    Let's bottom line it:

    A LOT of stoners will tell you that it's not worth the risk, and they may even have some anecdotal incident with someone they know who smoked while pregnant. Some will even give you negative rep and scream at you virtually for risking your baby's health.

    SOME informed people will give you the truth, that there is risk with anything you intake while pregnant, and that there are far more harmful substances that you may not even know about - for example, did you know that there are carcinogens in Nail Polish which HAVE been linked to birth defects?

    The TRUTH is that there are no major scientific studies that prove that Marijuana intake while pregnant is harmful at all. IN FACT, there are several studies that show quite the opposite, that pregnant women who use MJ have easier births, have smarter children and are much more advanced than children of the same age-level. There is also anecdotal evidence to back that up.

    The facts are that smoking ANYTHING while pregnant is harmful to the lungs and to the fetus. That said, there are a number of ways to ingest MJ without smoking, as we all know. Vaporizers and Edibles being the major forms that produce absolutely NO harm to the child.

    SINCE 95% of the people who are going to tell you not to ingest MJ are MEN, their opinions are, quite frankly, worthless, because they'll never be pregnant and they have no idea how bad the hormones can get. I'm one of those men too, but I have first hand experience with pregnant women and marijuana, and it produced absolutely no harm to the children, and in fact, the children from those parents are brighter, more well-adjusted and perfectly healthy.

    SO the bottom line here is use your own judgement. It's YOUR body, no one else's. Do whatever your body tells you to do.
  15. I watched a video about research some group did in Jamaica about pregnancy and smoking, was It think a 5 year study, from conception - kindergarten. They found no effects of smoking weed during pregnancy, the underlying problem with the children was if they had both parents, toys, or some kind of creativity at home, etc. Those who did not, did not develop well, those who did developed well. Google jamaica marijuana pregnancy research, you might find it.

    Sorry don't got time to search for it, hope this helps.
  16. my mom told me that she did a little when she was pregnant with me, but i wouldnt say to do it
  17. Really? :eek: Regardless of whether the weed is directly hurting the baby, think about it, it's getting super high every time that you do because it's absorbing everything from your blood.

    And then once the baby is born, if you're still smoking, your baby will still be fryin. This is because your breast milk contains an even higher concentration of the chemicals that are found in your blood (in this case that would be the THC and other chemicals from the bud you've been smoking).

    So you're baby is gonna be a little stoner, which we all know can fuck with a developing body, and since this is the most developing your baby will ever do in it's entire life I would just suck it the fuck up and stop putting other peoples lives in possible jeopardy just so you don't feel like shit in the morning.

    If you don't want to feel like that, here's an idea, DON'T GET PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you tried to pull that with my baby i would slap the shit outta you. Really really unresponsible.

    All you did was piss me off with this post. And by the way you don't have to be very smart to do well in high school.

    Oh, and WildWill, people who smoke while pregnant have smarter babies? Really? and there are no studies at all that say different? Well this was from a 2 second google search: Cocaine, marijuana use during pregnancy harmful to fetus. - Free Online Library (the cocaine and marijuana babies were different)

    Granted it was by the NIDA, but there's probably some truth behind it. It says that the babies of women who tested positive for marijuana were on average 3 ounces lighter than the control babies (no drugs).

    Also, WildWill, it's her body? True, but that's just a stupid thing to say because her choices are affecting the baby too, which is the entire reason that her smoking would be fucked up in the first place. So that's just wrong.
  18. Vaporize. And mix with spearmint, a natural herb that's supposed to relieve morning sickness. I don't see that how that is at all unhealthy.

  19. I put absolutely NO value in a study done by the NIDA, none whatsoever. They are pre-disposed to being biased and distorting the truth.

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