Medicann Seeds Back in stock @ The Original Seeds Store !!!!!!!

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  1. Medicann Seeds
    Afghani - regs
    Good all-round pain relief solution that is as perfect for back pain as it is for headaches.

    Bubba Kush - reg
    Bubba Kush - fem
    Master Kush x Bubblegum
    Staggering THC levels of up to 22% ensure you get the full effect of this strain, while equally high 4% CBD reduces the psychoactive effects that could take over with a seed of this strength.
    Scrog Seeds - reg
    Scrog Seeds - fem

    Sour Diesel x OG Kush
    his combination of Original Gangster OG and the delectable Southern California Sour Diesel is one of the most potent and powerful strains that Medicann seed bank provide.

    Trainwreck - reg
    Trainwreck - fem

    Brings happiness, relaxation and even a little creativity that lasts and lasts.
    Alzheimer’s, Chronic Pain, Headaches and Migraines have nothing on this madam.

    Black Afghani Kush - reg
    Black Afghani Kush - fem
    OG Kush x 76 Afghani x Black Domina
    Can be used for any type of pain but with THC levels of up to 22% this baby is not short on power either.

    Blue Mountain Durban - reg
    Blue Mountain Durban - fem

    Durban Poison x 76 Afghani x Lavender
    20% THC levels with a staggering volume of CBD which can reach up to 5% are available.

    Mazari Grape - reg
    Mazari Grape - fem

    6 Afghani x Super Skunk x Black Grape x OG Kush
    Not for the novice, but definitely one for those that like the hands on approach, Mazari Grape Seeds are a strain to enjoy.

    Black Blood - reg
    Black Blood - fem

    Blue Blood x Black Domina
    She has been bred to contain high levels of CBD, which is known to help cancer patients, as well as those suffering from multiple sclerosis, insomnia, nausea and inflammation.

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