Medicali& RooR ||New glass for summer *pics&vid*

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    Hey guys, decided to go with a friend to Gotham shop with the intent on picking up new bowls but found this beauty with only a $60 price tag and had to get it. It's a Medicali with a four slit downstem. My friend also picked up a Roor steamroller which fucks you up!~ (i was baked when i took its pic:smoke:)

    Heres some pics of both and vid of bubbler
    I know the waterlevel was low on the bubbler but now i got the perfect level and rips amazing

    [ame=]YouTube - Medicali Bubbler First rip[/ame]

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  2. That's a pretty sick bubbler, my friend. Looks like it hits like a champ. :smoke:
  3. nice..i wish they had a single head shop where i live...i order all my glass online

  4. you live in cali and theres no headshops by you? how is that possible
  5. Haha, I saw that same bubbler at gotham. I wanted to get the bigger one (The one marked at $85), but my girl was being a bitch, so i left empty handed.

  6. i didnt have enough for the bigger one otherwise i would i gotten that one
  7. Probably none that sell quality glass near him. There are a bunch of headshops near me but only one that carries legit glass. The rest all carry china glass.
  8. well thats unfortunate :(
  9. how is gotham? i went to addiction nyc once and they ended up selling me a fake roor. and they are an authorized dealer. so now i got to NY gifts for everything. but im always lookin for new headshops.
  10. dude gotham is amazing. i got here every week. all their stuff is legit and good prices and selection GO THERE!
  11. wait dood like bat man shit?
  12. I love that bubbler!
  13. Very cool bubbler design, though I'm not a fan of the green logo on it.

    The glass itself is still legit. :smoke:

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