Medicali 14" diffused with 8 arm tree perc

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  1. Hey blades, I got my newest bong a couple weeks ago and have been in love ever since. It's a Medicali tube 14" with 5mm glass beaker bottom. I bought it at my local headshop and it was on sale for 215$. A few days ago I bought a HiSi ashcatcher and new bowl and it just keeps getting better.
    You guys think it was an ok deal because to be honest it was a lot of money but I think it was worth it

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  2. That's an OK deal. It's a little shorter than my bong, but I only have a set of trees. But I own a few Medicali pieces an I LOVE them. HiSi is also good glass. After my gf dropped my brand new bong, I had to replace the ash catcher with a HiSi one and it's just as sturdy glass. I also bought a HiSi bong for my mom.
  3. there was one at my local head shop exactly like yours going for 200 even. so thats not far off.. your good. how do you like that downstem?
  4. I'd pay $215 for that. How is it on drag? Most of the beakers I buy with trees in them tend to get kinda draggy.
  5. I think im about to swoop one of these for $150 in my city. Sweet lookin tube bro!
  6. The downstem is great from what i can tell but i haven't tried it with any pieces that don't have tree percs... The drag isn't that bad but the ash catcher did make it a little worse but still very easy to milk if you know how to light it the right way
  7. nice pickup
  8. Nice grab. Glass looks nice. IMO, not a bad price at all.
  9. My brother has the exact same bong, bought it a couple years ago. Quality piece.

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