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  1. Alright so this isn't much of a story but I still wanted to share my experience with this magical medicine. My name is Thomas, I'm currently 19, ever since I was 15 I've had a problem with my stomach, the doctors at first thought it was cancer, it wasn't. They thought it was ulcers in my stomach, but it wasn't. In 4 years of going to over 30+ doctors and countless tests they still have yet to diagnose what's wrong with me. My problem is I constantly throwup, out of no where, for no reason, all day long. I lost 60 pounds in the course of about 4 or 5 months. The doctors who saw me all had the same reaction, to throw me a bunch of anti depression and anti anxiety medications. Which didnt help shit, if anything it just made me feel less normal, like I wasn't myself. But during these doctor visits over such a long time with no results my parents decided to stop trying, and decided to just have me see a physiologist to try and cope with my vomiting. This physiologist saved my life. Because he wasn't scared to say the truth. I have smoked previously seeing as how I have 3 older brothers who were all smoking by the time I was around 10 or 11 so of course I tried it out of curiosity. But that first day I walked into the physiologists office and I talked to him. He asked the normal questions you would expect. But at the end he sent my parents out of the room. He turned to me as soon as the door closed and said " now listen, I have a suggestion for you, but you have to understand that this option is illegal still in this state, but I feel that it would help you more than any medication these doctors are throwing at you, I'm talking about marijuana." And I've remembered that word for word ever since he said that to me 3 years ago. Marijuana saved my life. I started smoking, just to see how it would feel. It was literally a miracle. I was myself again, after so long of just being done with life I was happy again. I couldn't believe how much marijuana helped me. I could eat again, I could laugh again, I could smile again and go out places with my friends. I finally beat it. It's been exactly 3 years and 126 days that I have not thrown up again. 3 years and 126 days of beating what's wrong with me with the power of medical marijuana. I am, and always be a patient and advocate of medical marijuana. People do not understand the power possesed by this plant. I have decided to dedicate my life to fully legalizing medical marijuana\\recreational use worldwide. Without this medication I would still be a shell I the person I used to be. Please, spread the word everyone, there's only one way we can make this happen, everyone has to rise up, and do their part. We need everyone, write letters to your senators, make calls to anybody in a position to do something about it. Come together and show the United States government that we're not going anywhere. I truly believe in the power of marijuana. I truly believe that it helps so many people. People Like myself. I will never stop using marijuana, it's one of the most powerful, effective medicines in the world. Thank you for reading this. It felt good to share my story. Keep on toking!
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  2. Btw on my phone I meant psychologist it auto corrected, thank you all.
  3. Great post man. I also have stomach issues, I got my card for loss of appetite as well as insomnia. So great to hear that cannabis helped you so much. It's amazing how many conditions we can treat with cannabis too, from stomach issues to cancer to insomnia to just day to day anxiety.
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     I was 11 or 12 when I first started getting sick, but aside from that, you just described my childhood and early adult life, right to a T.
       In the evenings, and especially in the early morning, I would spend hours dry-heaving and throwing up... it only happens rarely now, ever since I began using cannabis very regularly. If my 'attacks' are still going by the second hour, I start tingling all over my body, I see stars, I spasm, and my arms and fingers turn inwards towards my chest, and they can't unfurl. It's like a heart attack, crossed with a seizure, and on top of it all you're in unimaginable pain from your head through your stomach, and dealing with incredible mind-rocking nausea.
     All the doctors visits, the endoscopic cameras down the stomach, x-rays, no answers, no one knows what's wrong.... but for some reason, not knowing what the problem is at all, they're still TOTALLY comfortable throwing a dozen different anti-anxiety/seizure/depression medications at you.
    I was there too.
     I wasn't anxious, aside that I was concerned over the fact my stomach could go traitorous at any moment. I -wanted- to go to school, and later in life I -wanted- to work. I was in banking and already climbing fast, but got sick too often while I was in the office, and my place of employment jumped me one day when I arrived at work with a friendly little meeting... they forced me on short-term disability, and again, rather than being sent to real doctors or specialists, I was sent through psychologists and group therapy programs.
     My own parents never took it seriously, at all. Even when I was older. They assumed I was looking for attention or a reason to skip school (when I actually wanted to be left alone for the most part, and I'd spend weeks alone in my room during the summer, without speaking to anyone, and I enjoyed school whenever I wasn't in the bathroom).
     My perfectly able-bodied 'athlete' younger brother got free cars, booze, money, apartments, and because I had to stop playing sports by my freshman year in high school, due to what my condition was doing to my joints, and to my muscles, not to mention my energy levels (I couldn't shoot hoops anymore by the end, I could barely position the ball properly between my hands to get the flick-off; my wrists don't bend that way anymore), I was punished for it, for the entirely of the rest of my relationship with them.... I was just their lazy daughter.
      Their son on the other hand, has had free apartments, cars, and food up through his mid-twenties... he stopped playing sports his senior year at 19, just because he "didn't feel like it anymore". But he didn't lose his parents over it, and that didn't end his free ride.
     Yet at 16 /17 years old, right after graduating and while becoming increasingly more ill, I had already moved out of the house still working the same retail job I'd had through my junior and senior years. I had bought my own car, and I was all on my own, with a man nearly ten years my senior. If it wasn't for that guy, who my parents didn't seem to mind I started dating at 13 -14 roughly around the time I became sick/'their lazy daughter', I'd have never even have had a drivers license. I don't know if I've ever been behind the wheel with my mother in the car.
      Even later on as a clearly ill young adult, losing even my hair and even my teeth at times when it was at its worst, I would approach them a little about the way things were when I was younger, to see if we'd all grown up a little, but it would unleash a whole storm of the same old abuse... some days when it came up, it would be spiteful justification for their actions. On others, it was outright, rage-fueled denial.
    I spent my entire life, and most of my health, trying to win back their favor and love. It was emotionally crippling, it's something I still find myself struggling to get over, every now and then.
     The best thing I ever did was to accept that they were wrong, and that they simply are, who they are, and that if this is the full capacity they have for maturity, and if this is the very peak of their ability to rationalize their behavior and actions, then it's really no loss.
     It's like expecting a turtle to fly, or ant to perform complex brain surgery. Why destroy yourself emotionally, over impossible feats?
     It still hurts, though... you grow up like any kid, thinking your parents are 'genius-level beings', and you take and accept all the blame they dish out and you truly believe the things they say are right, for so long.... obviously you're going to wind up a little screwy for it. :p
     My own parents never did learn or understand that it is actually a seriously, crippling condition. Or if they ever did, it was just far too late for them to change the way they treated me and felt towards me.
      Long story short (sorry about that :p ), I'm SO glad you have had so much success!
      If it wasn't for cannabis, I KNOW I would be dead right now.
      I still keep a bag-lined waste bin next to my bed for emergencies, and I still vomit from time to time, usually in the morning for an hour or so, or after eating something that I probably shouldn't have, usually with improperly listed ingredients.... I can't eat corn products made in the US for instance, without it producing seizure, heart-attack and flu-like symptoms. I've known that for years, and I've ALWAYS said it was likely due to the overuse of some pesticide or preservative where I can eat corn grown elsewhere, and as it turns out in recent years I may have been right, due to the GMO 'Roundup Ready' corn we eat here (other countries destroy shipments of our corn and other foods for those very reasons.... we on the other hand, feed them to the entire country, and then the government wonders why everyone's so sick, and so overweight even when we're underfed, when compared to the rest of the world).
    Anyhoo :p
     Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!
     If you haven't yet, please try edibles... if you're having any lingering issues, eating cannabis oil could be the way to conquer them, or if you (or your wallet) would just would like a break from the smoking, edibles can be a real game-changer. Compared to smoking, you'll absorb and benefit from a lot more of your potency by eating your canna, making it very affordable. :D
    Here's some info that could help...
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     Hope this helps, good luck! :wave:
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