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Medical Vs Street Weed?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ChronicKittie, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Is it true that most strains of medical marijuana are more potent than a lot of what you buy on the street?
  2. Not really.Just depends who you get from.Alot of street weed comes from medical clinics.
  3. I live in the heartland of IL, my friend lives in LA with a card. We often find ourselves buying the same strains and quality. Maybe I just have a great connect.
  4. In the end it all comes from our beautiful earth, One Love, Blaze on

    PS: Yeah you can get better than medi-shop quality its just the matter of knowing someone
  5. I think it really depends on your connection. There are many more choices at a MMJ club though, MANY more, and you should get more for your money at a club.

    Plus you're supporting a legal business endeavor, not a street dealer.

    You also know where your meds come from, your state from legal growers.
  6. Interesting fact, I pay $50 for a 1/8th of say, Lemon Haze. My mentioned friend pays $65 for the exact same strain. I continue to get an even better deal if we keep going up. Which is why I buy in bulk to begin with.
  7. If you know your dealer/grower then you can easily tell if your gettin what they say. But if your buying off a sketch ball on the side of the road...not so much. Medical dispensaries are the most honest place to pick up your stash anyways.
  8. ppl should paste pics and compare and say where they purchased :rolleyes:
  9. During this summer one of my connects was getting all his bud shipped in from dispensaries in Cali.

    Honestly, the medical bud certainly looked MUCH better (A+ trim job, always crystally, crazy colors / hairs). I can't remember all the strains but I had Dynamite (hairiest bud I've ever seen), OG kush x Dynamite, some stuff called "K-1", and more. The OG kush x Dynamite was one of the better strains I've ever had. But I had some "street weed" sour diesel the summer before last that was hands down the best bud I've had in my life.

    In other words, no, the high really isn't any different or better if you already have good heady connects.

    To be honest, buying weed from an experienced grower trumps buying it from ANYWHERE else. I've yet to meet a good one that grows for profit (everyone I know that grows just does for themself)

  10. alright,, idk i just wanna see some nice buds :smoke:

  11. Don't we have enough of those threads already, don't need to clog up THIS forum too.

    I swear seems like some people just want to look at PICTURES of weed. Not me, I like to ingest it, I don't really care about looking at pics.
  12. Haha go Will! Anyways this debate is pointless, a lot of street weed and medical weed come from they same growers. The only difference is that Medical is far more consistent, safe and the strains are legitimate for the most part (not like how street weed is always tagged with a made-up name). As for medical prices, I consistently get high-times cover quality OGs for $50.

  13. You've got plenty of places to do so.

    BUt please, your experience is limited to say the least. You've gotten bud from ONE club, and you didn't even go in to get it. To say that it's just as good as the stuff YOU get is irrelevant, you don't have a large enough sample to make any reasonable assessment.

    Now, I CAN say that in the 15 years that I purchased bud off street dealers, I got some decent batches, and some really shitty ones. The stuff I get from MMJ clubs is far and away better quality for the same prices or better. Yes, maybe my hookup sucked, but that's no longer important, because I get great stuff now from people I trust and have developed a great relationship over the last two years.

    Plus, come on, how often does your dealer have edibles, concentrates, seeds, clones, etc. Also, do you dealers have a rewards point program where you get free material? I get one point for each dollar spent, plus 2-4 points for each container that I return. Every 100 points is worth $5 in free merchandise, and it adds up.

    PLUS I'm supporting a legal business endeavor that believes in the movement and puts their owners at EVERY SINGLE PROTEST in the city.

    It's the right way of doing things.
  14. i like looken at weed.. :(

  15. High Times is a joke too...those guys are so foolish/stupid they don't even know what quality is. Their business practices leave MUCH to be desired. And yes, I have personal experience with them.

    Saying something is "High Times" quality doesn't mean much to me. Truth be told. BUT I get you.

    Personally, the convenience factor alone sold me, you mean I can go to a store front, use my fraking credit card to buy MJ, have dozens of strains to choose from, AND get rewards points for my purchases?

    You'd be stupid NOT to get a medical recommendation so long as you qualify.

  16. Nothing wrong with that, but that's NOT what the MMJ forum is for. That's what the Stash Jar is for.
  17. i get better bud from the streets.
    quality at the clubs cost too much...most of the time
  18. ehh my connect is a really cool guy, his stuff is always dank, medical grade lol but i dont think it comes from dispensaries...
    its about the people you know
  19. I have my card and I find myself going more to my dealer that I've had for years instead of the clubs. It is more or less the same quality herb. The dispensaries in my town are actually more expensive, if not then it's only a $5 difference but you have to name them as your caregiver to get your discount. It's just a matter of do you want to go to a store, or do you want to go to some dude's house to get nugs
  20. Yeah I was using the phrase just to make more of a figurative point. I do look back fondly though on my younger years, sitting stoned at a Barnes & Nobles marveling at the centerfolds :hello:

    Truth be told, with MMJ, you ALWAYS know what your getting before you even open your wallet. I need it for intermittent back pain and PTSD both suffered from a car accident. Sativa strains, although still great, do little for my symptoms and I need to medicate on heavy indicas or formidable hybrids (OGs :smoking:). I can't consistantly get that quality everytime I used to buy on the streets, before I got my recommendation. BTW Will, if you don't mind me asking, which collective offers this container recycling program you speak of? I have been in search for one to no avail, I'm drowning in plastic over here.

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