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medical users, how do I keep the edge off on a t-break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by drewzilla, May 28, 2009.

  1. I am a frequent daily smoker. although my state doesn't recognize medical marijuana (yet) it has been helping me quit some time with insomnia, anxiety, and of course stress relief :cool: i have been able to discontinue my trazadone, hydroxyzine, lexapro, and xanax. however, i am leaving for ireland this weekend and won't be able to have another toke until the the second week of June. I am highly stressed about this. my doc called in a few xanax and trazadon for me so i've got them if I need them. Any tips for keeping the edge off through the day? I can't remember the last time I went this long without smoking.
  2. get a camera for the trip! photography
  3. i hope you can find some helpful stoner that helps you out. which im sure you could find one in ireland
  4. Eat healthy, sleep enough, and exercise. Its crazy how much keeping your mind on some of the simple things in life can make you feel like you dont need it so much. Im a daily toker as well for depression and anxiety and have had to stop for drug tests and such.

    I take Paxil and Valium, similarly to your Trazadone and Xanax (common complimentary antidepressant/antianxiety combo). Benzos are pretty good at keeping anxiety down, just dont pop em like candy every time you would have smoked. Benzodiazapenes can be a bitch if you take them like that, beacause they have addictive qualities.

    Drink a beer or two or maybe smoke a cigarette if things get too bad. Try not to pop more than 2 times the recommended dosage! Its easy to develop a dependency on benzos. Thats just my two cents. Stay positive! Im sure youll be fine :wave:
  5. YESSSSSS! FUCKIN XANEX RULES!!!! ask the doc to supply you with plenty of em and take a couple when you wake and hit the pubs and whatever else you planned on doing.
    Also, you do know that the US isnt the only country that has buds. Just be friendly while in Ireland and im sure you'll find some. I know i blaze with mad Irish nationals during summertime at Ocean Beach over here in San Diego.

  6. damn man thats awful advice haha.. i take as little xanax as i can, already have a little tollerance and a history of abuse, plus, xanax and alcohol is a terrible combo, had a friend die like 2 months ago from that
  7. Check out this site. I allready chose Ireland for you, so just click on the nearest place in the City drop down. This is a good site - it helped me get weed in London and I'm sure it can do the same for you in Ireland. Cheers mate :smoking:

  8. You will be in Ireland man, you won't think about the bud as much. As long as you are busy seeing the sites you should be just fine. Just focus on enjoying the new things you will be seeing. Don't let it ruin your vacation.

    I would recommend keeping a little bud at home for right when you get home. You can toke and upload photos.

  9. too be honest man id stay away from the trazadone all together that stuff fucked me up.

    if you really need to take the edge off go down to a pub, or pop a xanny.
  10. i'd like to keep the booze & xanax to a minimum (bad history of drug & alcohol abuse for both myself and most of my family) the trazadone really puts me out without any whack side affects, and since all it does is make me pass out i don't ever want to take it recriationaly lol
  11. thanks a lot, i'm staying in adare which is right near limerick. sounds like its going to be a stretch to find some decent bud, i had heard before hash is all over but not to mess with it as it's associated with crime (wtf?)

    damn! 50 euro for an eighth of sensi! holy robery haha.

    galway sounds like a better bet, we're heading there anyway so maybe well get lucky.
  12. What MG are the xanax?

    I used to abuse them as well, but if you know you don't want to start that again, you won't.

    If they are bars just take 1/4, see how you feel, then if you need it take another 1/4.

    You may be surprised at how calm you will feel even taking small amounts. Bars are 2 mg so I'm saying .5 MG should do the trick to keep the anxiety away.
  13. Id say either go around pub hoppin while your touring. or just take those meds, definetlyy dont combine them tho
  14. bars, i can sometimes take half a bar and be good but generally i take half and then the other half in about 30 min
  15. well dudes, all is well. i just wanted to say for anyone that gets in a similar situation; it was no prob at all finding good herb here. we had offers at 2 different locations in limerick, and then got some decent mids and reallllllly nice white widow out here in adare. everyone is super friendly too. the best part is we didnt even have to buy it, they just smoked us up (after driving our drunk asses home in our own car haha)
  16. i hear there is A LOT of soapbar in Ireland, stay away from it.
  17. yeah, hear the same. havn't come across any, wouldn't bother getting any unless it was from our new found connect

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