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  1. My nephew has autism and suffers from seizures among other symptoms. I live in NY and my sister in VA. Although NY is the 21 state to legalize medical marijuana it is still basically impossible to get it for all the reasons we need. I to use weed to cure my extreme anxiety where without it my hand lock up. I heard of the high CBD oils curing seizures, as well I heard of Rick Simpson in Canada curing most serious seizures with his hemp oil. Skin cancers are cured is as little as 4 days. His end process is only a little different then most BHOs. He evaporates the last of the solvent on a hot plate like a coffee heater to keep the oil as a thick grease instead of normal shatters or butters. Ricks results are incredible with all the people he cured for free. With all the innovation happing why isn't it all well known in the medical community there is so much happening in this industry in this country I cant grasp the concept why so many people are suffering including my nephew. I just want to know what's the next step for someone like me, how can we make a real difference in the medical world. I believe in his plant I need to know what I can do.    

    Don't mistake relief and remission as a cure...hype won't help, just let the truth do it's work. Get Granny Storm Crows list and spread the truth.

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