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Medical Shwag??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MyBirthdayIs42o, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Whats up, just curious about something, i got a buddy in socal who says that some of the dispeneries have shwag/brick/dirt there

    has anyone ever encountered/bought this??

    I was trying to tell my other friends that there was medical shwag and they didnt believe me.

    Is it true?
  2. sadly, some places to provide you the cheap option out....but whats the fucking point, you can get that shit ANYWHERE
  3. This one weak ass club i used to go to had weed from 10 an 8th to 65 an 8th. Personally i think if its medical they shouldnt sell the booboo.. atleast keep it to outdoor but high quality..
    if i were you id still keep holding up your title lol
  4. yea, i personally havent witnessed a place SELLING it, but my friend decided to go to a new one here in boulder, and came back with a half o of some nasty shit for 5 bucks.... made some epic budder then brownies...then ate... defs worth 5 bucks for point in smoking
  5. thanks, i gues i won that bet lol

    i would never smoke that dirt but for 5 bucks a half it would be worth it for brownies

    o, and i havnt even seen shwag since febuary of 08, i remember it because it will forever be the last time i smoke shwag
  6. haha rather just wait till a dispensary has trim...usually can grab that shit for free
  7. yeah theres a dispensary here that sells 5$ eighths, some nasty farmboy weed
  8. they give trim out for free??

    how much would they give you?
  9. as much as they dont want.... if they dont have a good hash "chef" the trim is fucking useless to them, cause most places get edibles from the edible making pro's around here, so hash is its only use. Sometimes its an oz, sometimes they have less, sometimes more... all depends on whats growing and how far along hahaha
  10. Yeah, I've gotten some nasty ass weed from the club before.

    Low ass mids, borderline schwag.

    "Purple Cheese"

    They were taxing for it too, I sent the homie into a club that we hadnt been to before and he came out saying the place was bunk as fuck and that was the best they had for my price range (250-300 a zone, I didnt want to wait for my connect and I was just gonna flip it anyways, when I saw it, I wish I had) I flipped that shit, but it was hard because it was basically flipping schwag at the price I get kush for.

    ...This is going to be the second time I've said it today on the boards but......


    Just goes to show you that if it comes from the club, and it has purple in it, it could still be schwagtastic. I've gotten higher smoking tobaccy.
  11. why do you get med shit and sell it to the streets, you know how that makes all us patients look and how much trouble its causing us ^^^^
  12. #12 What Drug Test?, May 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2010
    Here comes the negative rep from all the do gooders, listen.

    I had my medical license for about a year, I don't have it anymore. The above happened when I did not have it, I did not use my license to disperse my medication. Because...well i'd be inclined to agree with your statement if I wasn't a little more familiar with the clubs and the system in place in california.

    The system is a joke, it's crooked, it's corrupt, it's legal drug dealing. I refuse to give any of the clinics my money. ANY of them. I don't give a fuck if anyone thinks marijuana is a drug, i'm not referring to the plant's intoxicating characteristics, i'm referring to the characteristics of the operation put in place to disperse the medication.

    I abandoned my club card out of disgust, I really believed in bud's medical qualities. I have epilepsy, I could cut down on my meds when I used it, and when I had a seizure it would cut down the time it took me to bounce back. However, of all the times I've gone into clubs there are proably less than 10% of people with genuine medical problems. Most people in these dispensaries are young kids 18+ (i'm only 20 so i'm not knocking age by any means) just trying to get weed (they have no legitimate medical problem). 9/10 they listed insomnia as the reason for why they need their medication. Fuck off, you know just as well as I do that's horse shit.

    The system makes itself look bad, by not putting "real" doctors in place, and instead using sketchy ass doctors out to make a quick buck signing some recs and letting kids into the clinics. The cops don't take the system seriously for this reason.

    I am an avid supporter of medical marijuana, Just not in its current system. And defending the current system just makes you look like a fool because you know just as well as I do that it's just a bunch of kids who are too pussy // lack connections to get that shit the RIGHT WAY and instead do it at the expense of people trying to find alternate medications, and the people who worked very hard to push for the ability to have this alternative medication in this great state.

    As for why did I happen to buy this zone this one time?

    Because i'm not a groupie, I keep it moving, man. I already said I hated clubs, if I had a choice at the time I obviously wouldn't have gone. The whole system leaves a funky piss flavored taste in my mouth.

    Neg rep away ladies

    Edit : and i hate that passive aggressive bullshit where people think that they are fighting for legalization simply because they have a club card, and smoke marijuana - semi legally. If you want to talk about legalization don't hide behind a club card, get rid of that shit and do something to change the fucked up system.

    Sorry for the rant, this shit just bugs.
  13. yea its crooked and whatever, but to everyone else, what your doing is crooked and whack.... you gotta appease the idiots before we can do as we please man. And if the govt frowns upon what your doing, do you really think its going to make the system less, the more we do what they dont want, the less of what we want we get. Im aware its all bullshit, but i have my card for a medical reason... So maybe you should just get over the fact that you think it should be one way, cause its not that way. Your fucking up everyone elses rep cause of what you believe, that what the govt does man.
  14. ...or instead of accepting a crooked system, enforce stricter standards so actual medical patients have legal access to it and are ensured protection, rather than this half assed protection (lack of protection) we are all ensured now?

    If we legitimize it, society will be forced to accept. Noone wants to see their kids lined up in front of the dispensary going to get "medicine". That shit is just wrong.

    Either legalize it, like california might possibly be doing in November, and give everyone access, or severely limit access to those who are truly medical. The system now just pisses me off.

    I just like things to be as they are advertised, if it is labeled "medicine" it should act as medicine. Dispensaries are acting more like glorified liquor stores with security systems as of now.

    This is why the world thinks we are criminals, because of this system.
  15. once again man, your still only viewing it from the perspective of yourself, we HAVE to wait till the govt wants it legalized...they can veto any shit voted on any day. I know it sucks ass, we all know man, but until the people who control the shit decide its time, we kinda need to follow the rules THEY set down, or it will be an even longer process.
  16. Yeah, you're right.

    I'd like to argue with you some more, but that's basically all there is too it.


  17. I don't think abusing the current system is going to in anyway legitimize MMJ...
  18. haha its the sad truth isnt it.....the only kind of fighting the govt reacts to is violence anyway, and that defs wont help our case hahaha i can see it now "Angry pot heads form militia to fight govt and get too high and forget ammo"
  19. The current system is a sham and is in no way catering to the medical population, which is what i've been saying.
  20. OK I got a number of things to say about all this.

    First, ALL CANNABIS USE IS MEDICAL USE WHETHER YOU REALIZE IT OR NOT! Cannabis is a preventative medicine. Cannabis can slow, prevent or eliminate- Alzheimer's, diabetes, MS, some cancers and more! Click the "MMJ Studies" link in my sig for the details.

    Second, - Schwag in dispensaries. Well, there happens to be more to medical cannabis than just THC! :eek: CBD, a non-psychoactive (can't get you high) cannabinoid, is often found in "lower class" cannabis! CBD has a wide range of medical uses, but it has been bred out of most cannabis in favor of THC. (Cannabis produces a chemical that, according to the plan't genetics, is changed into THC, CBD or a mix of the two.) That "schwag" could be someone's very effective medicine- simply because it IS low in THC and higher in CBD! Just because some cannabis won't get you as high as you like, doesn't mean it is ineffective! As long as it is clean and properly cured, even schwag can be medicinal! My list has a long section on the medical uses of Cannabidiol/CBD.

    Last, no matter where you are, get registered to vote! If California and Washington both "legalize", it will get a lot of other states thinking about it too! When the time comes, you will want to vote for it! So get registered now, so you don't have to worry about registration deadlines and all that jazz. :hello:

    And show my list to your friends and relatives, so they will understand what a useful medicinal herb cannabis is- and vote accordingly when the time comes! You can't just spring the list on them a week before elections- they will need time to read and learn. So now is a great time to start! :D

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