Medical Seeds won't Germinate

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  1. Hey guys so I bought some seeds online from a few different breeders at first I put the seeds in just soil not deep at all. and over a week later no seeds sprouted even noticed white puss came out of the seeds when I squeezed them. I figured maybe rott even though I don't feel I over watered. I then tried to put some more seeds in rooter cubes and nothing sprouted or germinated . Then finally I am trying to soak them in water and it's been 3 days now and no germinating at all. For the hell of it I threw a some bag seeds in the cubes and they germinated in 2 days. I don't think all these seeds i bought are bad unless I have bad luck. I even tried scarafying them. I have grown about 14 plants in the past year and have had 100% success with bag seeds for some reason these medical seeds are not working. some seeds are from and

    what should I do with the seeds that haven't germinated in the water??

    to be clear I have been doing this in a warm dark closet. I had about 14 seeds and now im down to 3 left. very frustrating. I basically have tried multiple methods of germinating.
  2. I haven't purchased from either of those seed banks, but if you are an experienced grower, I'd let them know. That's how I'd handle it. I've had great success with the vault seeds. They always come in breeder packaging, not just a lil zip lock with a sticker.

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  3. these came in packages too. some are barneys farm seeds. seedsman is just a seller for many seed banks. just for home and still nothing. they did sink which means they should grow usually. I just can't see buying 10 seeds and almost all not germinating.
  4. 3 days in water should i put them in a paper towel or leave them?
  5. U can but most likely there are dead now you don't wanna keep them in water no longer thanks 24 hrs but it's worth a shot

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  6. I purchased all of my seeds from seeds man and so far I'm 4/4 on germinating. I know on their site they say something about replacing them as long as they aren't freebies but I'm not 100% sure if the have a germination guarantee. But as the other poster said I'd contact them its worth a shot.

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  7. yea they will help me they said give me replacements but I have also read people leaving seeds in water for 5 days. read the whole post this water for 3 days is because all the other seeds didn't germinate the other ways. I had multiple seeds.
  8. lol one reply that's it??
  9. Sorry about that. Glad they are helping you out by sending new ones. I had just germinated another seed from them and currently it’s only a two day process out of the three strains I’ve germed. I’m new to growing as this is my first crop I’m working on so I don’t know if it’s just genetics or bad luck. Hopefully the new seeds are better. Also try replying. It’ll notify people you responded to them.

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  10. Your first mistake was drowning them. Second squeezing them (you sure that "puss" wasn't a baby taproot?)

    Get a dark COOL (read, not cold) space (closets are perfect in most cases) and a cup of room temp water. Place seed in cup - it will float. Give it 12 hours or so, go check on it, and poke it gently into the water...should sink, but if not, give a few more hours and repeat. After 24 hours, dampen a tripled up paper towel, gently place seed into paper towel, gently cover with other wet side (folded, with ample space for a taproot), place back in dark cool room for 12-24 hours. Mist paper towel as needed to keep moist, but not soaking wet. Gently check for taproot as time is reached. Gently place 1st knuckle deep into soil once sufficient taproot is sprouted. I've not had any issues with this method, as long as care is taken with the delicate taproot.

    Good luck.
  11. I don't even use the water technique I just go straight paper towel. My seeds crack in 24 hours about. I do also use mycorrhizal though. A little sprinkle in the towel by the seed. Works wonders .
  12. Ohh ya??? That's a little different
  13. I've never had a seed fail to germinate. I've had some seedlings die off on me from hot soil but that's it. You want them to reach for water that's what causes the taproot to grow. If they are surrounded by water they think they have enough and don't shoot out the taproot looking for more

  14. I had no problems growing with bag seeds I think I got bad medical seeds. Before all I did was plant the seed in soil knuckle deepput under cfl and keep moist and in 4 days they all sprouted. Grabbed medical seeds tried rapid rooter cubes and nothing. Then tried some soaking in water and nothing. So now I'm gonna just either put in soil or maybe try the moist paper towel because I haven't tried that yet.
  15. Also my medical seeds alott of them where white and some small not all of them where dark and normal looking like the pictures they advertise. Even the white ones sank so to me that throws the sink methode away
  16. If it was your first time trying to germinate with rapid rooters that's probably your problem. I just got some med seeds and everyone I've tried to germinate has. I trust and know the good ole paper towel method. I have used rapid rooters to germinate also but it worked out for me.
  17. Well I have plenty of bag seeds to perfect on. I'm gonna put some in soil and some in a paper towel and see what works best. Soaking in water isn't working well for me at all. And the cubes did work on some seeds but not all. So I really think I just got a bad batch of seeds tbh. I have grown 2 times before this grow and had 0 issues
  18. Just remember when using the towel method to make it DAMP. Not wet or soaked. I take either a mililiter dropper or a spray bottle and get it moist then throw it in a little plastic box in my cabinet
  19. What about soak and wring out???
  20. Matchbox with sand paper on bottom and then put seed in the another bit of sand paper on top.
    Shake like hell for about 5 mins. Then soak 24 hrs in ro/ distilled water. Then I'd try the paper towel method and warm it gently from the underside I use my sky box. Tap root shows up quite fast.

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