Medical seeds for Chronic Pain

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  1. Hello everyone looking at my thread i really appreciate it.  Well here is the questions i have. I have been suffering from chronic back since i was in 9th grade and had 2 back surgeries. well then in 2008 i had another surgery and pain got super bad. Then last year May 2012 i had to have another back surgery and the pain since then has been unbearable. They have me on roxycontin and oxycotin and 6 other meds.  Some of the meds are fir nerve pain, some for sleeping bc pain is so bad i can't sleeo most nights
    Well because i live in Pennsylvania it isn't legal to smoke or poses cannabis in any way.  Well i don't know anyone i can get any "illegal" cannabis from to help my pain. For the last 2 years the meds have almost don't help anymore. So cannabis is my only hope to live past 30 since my kidneys started going 2 years ago from all the pain meds.
    Well i need to know what medical seeds i should plant outside in Pennsylvania's crazy weather. Any help would be greatly appreciate all the help or pointers you all have to offer would mean the world to me and might stop some of my pain. Thanks everyone
    You all are amazing people.
    Have a great day

  2. Go check out Freedom of Seeds website. The have a good selection of medical grade that includes good descriptions as well as possible medicating effects of the strains. Goo

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