medical school is so hard

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  1. yea derm and rad are extremely hard to get into
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    I think that's it.
    Can I pop it?
  3. Haha well come on, it's med school. Not everyone can get into it and not everyone can complete it. All these people wanting to be health care professionals solely for the purpose of the money have no idea what they've gotten themselves into and a lot of them end up getting out because they can't do it.

    For me, I've known I've always wanted to be a nurse. It's gonna be hard, it's gonna suck, I'm not even good at math so I know that's going to make shit tougher...but you gotta do what you gotta do, maynnee! If it was easy, everyone would be working in hospitals/clinics.
  4. damn. wish i had the money to go to 8 years of medical school.
    but a auto tech and prof engine builder/drag/drift racer/smoker/grower is good enough for me. :smoke:

  5. FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    There it is.
  6. Nurses=Angels of Mercy:D
  7. right on for bein in med school!!! im a culinary expertise myself..your salary pays mine.. eat at me restaurants when you graduate and are bankin.. hell bring all yer medical friends..

  8. same story with my older brother, loving biochem and all. he was going insane over med school, and now hes in his 4th year and almost done. just stick with it bro, its hard work, but its worth it, and you can do it.
  9. My sister's studying to be a nurse right now. She's really studying hard. I have been up for 3 days on 3 hours of sleep so far. zzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz
  10. Man I love building, fixing, and working with my hands, but I've invested way too much time into this... surgery sounds fun.
  11. props on that bro im in a community college program so cant really relate to your all lol but you will deff be an accomplished person if u push urself through med school.... dont give up man

  12. Yeah emt stuff is a pain, I got my EMT-B training over the summer.

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