medical school is so hard

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  1. i want to cry :(
  2. On the bright side, your job will be essentially pointless because you're just going to delay the inevitable.
  3. Memorize, repeat, memorize, repeat. School is easy. Scheduling is hard. Don't smoke before important stuff. You'll be fine. They wouldn't have admitted you if you couldn't do it.
  4. i feel you, man...spending my saturday night drawing the vasculature of the many anastomoses...what are you guys studying right now?
  5. im a first year... i am studying biochem, physiology, and cell/molecular biology for monday's test...

    biochem was my favorite subject in college now I absolutely HATE it.
    im learning fatty acid oxidation, muscle contraction, etc....

    i swear to god ... the information that gets thrown at us in one day in med school took a week to cover in undergrad
  6. Im doing EMT and this shit alone is overwhelming. I cant imagine medical school
  7. medical school is like eating 5 pancakes everyday

    sure you can eat them for a couple days

    but what if one day you dont feel like eating pancakes?

    well then you have to eat 10 pancakes the next day
  8. first year too ... have you not started anatomy yet? its very hard, but its so cool...I'm glad we started with it because it makes everything more tangible and enjoyable...I'm really having fun with it, but its pretty soul crushing at the same time...espcially because they like to start our blocks off slow then dump a ton of info on us the week before the test
  9. nah we have anatomy and histology ... just not a test on it on monday
  10. gotcha...i feel like histology is going to be the most boring thing I've ever done...probably not the best attitude to go in your curriculum systems based?
  11. yup systems based

    histology is boring too... staring at pictures of cells.... they all look the fucking same to me lol
  12. that's pretty much what I expect...everyone says its pretty easy, but I have a feeling I'm going to struggle with it...we're not systems based (not sure what you call it)

    any idea what kind of specialty you'd want to do?
  13. im not really sure at the moment

    emergency medicine sounds exciting maybe because of ER but realistically probably selling marijuana scripts on venice beach hahaha jk

    no but seriously either EM or anesthesia... i like not having to interact that much with patients and i like pharamacology so haha yea

    what about u
  14. So will guys write me a prescription for some sour diesel in about 8 years?
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    possibly orthapaedics, but I don't want to get my hopes up because I know how competitive it is, and I also don't know if I want to spend all that time specializing, plus the hours you work as a surgeon are pretty misrable, cardiac surgery too would be cool, but same drawbacks

    emergency medicine I think would be pretty awesome too..PM&R would probably be my fallback...its interesting stuff, not very competitive, and pretty laid back from what I've seen

    EDIT: I'm going to get back to studying, good luck with your exam Monday. Message me anytime you want to talk med school stuff, since that's pretty much all we can talk about now that we have no life.
  16. EMT exam is a bit rough. Not a difficult exam, but a very tricky test. I've been an army medic for about 7 years now, and while I aced all exams during training, I still had a bitch of a time with the EMT exam :)
  17. I just got done with law school and bar exam, probably the only thing comparable to med school. It sucked major balls, I'm very happy it's over.
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    I've heard that if you wanna be a high roller doctor, then dermatology is the place to be.

    If you need help with physiology, then Dr Najeeb will help.

    You are doomed in med school unless you have highlighters of every colour. That's a pro tip from all successful MDs.

    I have done all the first year cell biology/biochem/physiology stuff so I know what you mean. It feels like a tsunami of information.. but it all comes together if you can stick in there and keep going over it. Muscle contraction was fucked up when I first started learning but now it all makes sense. In terms of excitability etc, when you learn about neurons there is a lot of crossover and yeah.. things just start moulding together in your head. Just keep reading it and looking at diagrams.
  19. Is there any way I could email a picture of a bump on my ass to one of you medical students so you could tell me what it is?
  20. butt pimple, do u have a hairy ass? perhaps when u wiped ur ass u got some shit stain on ur butt cheek and went into a hair follicle and its folliculitis lol

    ive only been here for a month so lol

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