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    hi there, my name is mike, i'm 19, and live in northern colorado, north of denver. i started smoking weed every day on december 23rd, 2008, which makes me a new smoker technically to some people, but smoking has matured and wisened me a lot.

    i really enjoy longboarding. my girlfriend lives with me at my dad's house, and we are trying to move out as soon as possible. we met on a website called 420chan last summer when she lived in california, and in february this year i took a greyhound bus out to anaheim to spend a week with her. in april, she moved out here to colorado to live with me, and we've been too happy for words ever since.

    i got my medical marijuana card in may, for scoleosis.

    i'm looking forward to getting used to this site and meeting new friends :)

    my graffix 2-footer

    my glass black&white bong, one of my favorites. it's beautiful.

    me shotgunning a hit to my girlfriend. she's even more beautiful <3

    me again

    and my love again :smoke:

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    Welcome to GC:wave::smoke:

    Looks like you'll both fit right in. :)

    BUT discussion of drugs other then MJ is not allowed and can get you warned or banned. Hate to see cool folk break rules they don't know about :)

  3. lame rule imo, but i understand and respect it. i edited my post accordingly :)

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