Medical or Law?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm about to finish my first semester at a community college, and It's about time plan my life, which I think is fun. So my parents are encouraging me to either be some sort of lawyer or a doctor, or dentist or something.

    All are pretty good paying jobs, right? (not sure about lawyer but doctors make decent money i think)
    So can you guys tell me the pro's and con's among the two fields?
    Any help would be nice because I'm feelin' pretty clueless and I want to hear what you guys have to say.

    Oh yea, I can also see myself being either of those and loving it, so I'll be happy going into either (i hope)
  2. Well depends on what you like to do...or like my uncle said, what you would be satisfied or not kill yourself doing after many years. So before going into any of those..both fields are difficult and many mire years will be had in college, and as you come closer and closer to graduating or ending..superiority in grades isimperative.

    So if you down, then now gatta think..what you like doing? Helping people medically or legally? What fancies you more legal or medical. Also if medical can you deal with seeing people very very ill and die and as lawyer can you deal with a people person?
    Both field require a LOT of reading and studying daily. Lawyers more than doctors. I'm in medical school right now and o read atleast 7 hours a day after school reviewing revising and reading ahead. Also....a lot of memorizing for both.

    My aunt is a lAyer and she reads constantly shes like 40 something and reads nightly and had a fatty closet full of big law books. Also being a lawyer that pays well you need to be again superior to others in studies so you. Could work in the firm of your choice and you get more rep. As same for doctor.

    Doctors well let be honest you can't just stop at mbbs. Nowadays a pg is must. Unless you like running after little kids with needles hearing their premature rape screams all day long. Or fondling some dudes hairy nuts or hairy cooch. After mbbs, what you score on your usmle pretty much decides what you gonna be..might aswell score so you can choose yourself. I'm missing out on a party right now. So any queations hit me up. Good luck with whatever you chose and have fun and enjoy life... that's Thw main deal atleast with me :)
  3. Really depends if you like dealing with strangers physically like that. You can also be a doctor in the military. They don't get payed as much but you get payed retirement as well as the college discounts, and various other benefits. A lawyer in my opinion would be funner, but is going to take more dedication because of competition these days. Also depends on whether you still want to smoke or not.
  4. Considering your extracurricular activities... Law. ;)
  5. Law Brotha learn it inside-out.
  6. Sounds like to much work, imma just grow me some dope !! Yeeeee...

    Nah I'm just kidding. It really depends what your into, I would chose medical because I enjoy helping people.
  7. dental is a very good field to go into man. :smoke:
    you don't wanna be a doctor, with all the lawsuits n' shit
    nowa days its not even that respected of a job

    and law, I guess if it interests you but I'm tryna stay as far away from the law as I can :p
  8. Don't listen to your parents. Do whatever you want to do.
  9. The study of the endocannabinoid system is the next big thing in medicine! If you decide on medicine, you should start familiarizing yourself with it. Click that first link in my sig and see what I mean!

    Which ever you choose, pick what turns you on! If you love what you do, it isn't really work!

    That's how I feel about working in education! I hope you find the right job for you!


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