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Medical MJ Question

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by blackened88, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Is it really what its said to be? like is it shitty or does it contain low THC or what. I'm just checking some stuff out on it.
  2. I'm not understanding your question........could you perhaps be more concise with what you're asking?
  3. I think he is asking if MMJ is bad quality compared to weed from a dealer
  4. I hope thats wat he's asking but I cant even begin to answer the queston as unsure as I am of the answer. Can you please reword this in hopes others will understand? Well if ya want an answer anyway.:confused:
  5. If you purchase MMJ from a reputable Clinic, you will not find better herb off any street dealer. Period.

    I've been through years of dealing with street dealers and a full year of dealing with MMJ Clinics. The answer is absolutely that MMJ Clinics have far higher potential to have as good of weed as you can get than street dealers.
  6. I Have been smoking for almost 6 years now and I have only had my mmj card for 2 weeks. The clubs bud is waaaaayyy better than 99% of street dealers IMHO.
  7. Eh, it depends where you are, which dispensaries you go to, and what the black market bud around there is like. I have honestly gotten better bud through black market than I have through the dispensaries. However, the part I like is that the dispensaries ALWAYS have different kinds that are top grade, while the black market quality fluctuates so much.
  8. In my almost 5 years of experience in the clubs versus 15 years of buying off the street, there's no comparison.

    Clubs have way better MJ than dealers, bar none.
  9. Do clubs actually know the genetics of their bud? Or are they just as sketchy as street dealers trying to make a quick buck by calling their herb by a special strain.
  10. The club I go to is very knowledgable on the genetics of what they sell, and have very good relationships with their growers. They only carry the best of the best too.
  11. Ok in different wording, is the legal weed any good compared to street stuff? And to those saying "club", do you mean were you get the medical stuff? sorry if im wording shit weird guys.
  12. So how many times are you going to reword the same question? Are you LOOKING for a different answer?

    Club = Dispensary/Co-Op/Collective

    YES they have better MJ than street dealers, and a MUCH better selection of products.

    If you don't understand that, it's time to get out of this forum.

    Besides which, you're in NY right? No MMJ for you anyway.
  13. You talking about like 4 subjects legal weed isnt even weed and doesnt get you high dont waste your money, club weed is straight up dank no fake strains no lies, street shit can be bad or the best, but it isn't as clean as club weed if seen dealers do fucked up shit to kids bags.
  14. No clinics at this time here. Working petitions to put it on the ballot.

    We grow our own. And it kicks the street *#*!
    There is a growing ( a pun ) community that gets variety of clones out there.
    It all works.

  15. Finally, a good, non sarcastic answer. and thanks, that helped

  16. I reworded once, and that was because some people didnt understand what I was asking.
  17. Yeah and i thank you for that and didnt mean so much bullshit by it either but on the plus side it looks like ya got the answer as good if not better then i could have gave it.
  18. #18 howlin420, Sep 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2009
    OUR "weed" as you describe does get you "HIGH". The med in Oregon is what is also available around the globe. And yes it is legal.:hello:And it doesn't cost much to grow through harvest.Not a waste ,pure pleasure and relief.
    Some might consider us country , but we have access. And it does work, it works well ENOUGH that people come from other states in order to "join in".
    I think I'll go medicate with some"grew my own". :smoke:
    As to dank , it is a good title to a good book also . Ya wonder where they are located at. I don't.

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