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Medical MJ in utah?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by doom3crazy, May 24, 2010.

  1. Honestly do you think this will ever happen? Its the mormon capital of the world.
  2. Yeah just hop on over to CO,
    we'll take care of ya :D

  3. That's what I Just did this last week from St George to Denver. Its like a different world just a state over, its crazy.
  4. haha nice!
  5. does anyone know if utah has ever had the bill put up for vote?
  6. i justed checked MMP and said that "The Utah Legislation has ended its 2010 session without passing, or even considering medical marijuana legislation."

    sorry bro but Utah might be dead last if at all to pass a medical marijuana bill. Can you even get real beer there? i lived in provo for 5 months and none of the stores held liquor.
  7. no i wish. Utah blows lol
  8. Way back when Utah was still a territory, some missionaries brought back some Mexican cannabis. It became popular in Utah briefly, before the leaders of the church realized it made the members question things a little too much.
    Can't have any of that open mindedness going around, you know.

    So, Utah was one of the first places in the US to ban the stuff. :(

    Like a lot of the bible belt, Utah will be one of the last to legalize. Perhaps it will happen sooner than I think, the mormon percentage of the population keeps dropping, unfortunately there's enough of the good old boys in positions of power within the state to keep that power mormon for a while yet. :p
  9. So it's really that primitive huh
  10. Makes perfect sense. Utah fail! haha

  11. Most of my wife's family live in Utah, and yes, they're ALL in the church. Utah is a beautiful place, and there are some great people who live there who want nothing more than to be left alone by the church. Unfortunately the church owns a TON of land and wields considerable influence over everything. No, I don't think MMJ will ever be legal there, unless the church suddenly changes their attitude which will never happen.

    Sometimes I think they forget about the separation between Church and State, but then again these are people who BELIEVE that Jesus was resurrected a second time and spent a shitload of time in the Americas where the Natives were white until they pissed off God.
  12. Yes, you can get real beer, wine and liquor there, but only in bars (which are finally open to all 21+ without a "membership") and in the state-run liquor stores. Low percentage beer (3.2%) is available everywhere. Utah actually has some outstanding craft breweries!

    I don't see the state being proactive AT ALL, EVER when it comes to decrim/legalization/mmj. It did take utah about 30 years after federal legalization to make homebrewing beer legal. On the other hand, Utah was the final needed vote to repeal alcohol prohibition back in the day.

    Just like most red states, it is a matter of "we want limited government everywhere but here."

    Top shelf weed is pretty easy to come by in Salt Lake City and most city cops won't hassle you if you keep your shit on the DL, but definitely don't hold your breath for MMJ!
  13. #13 Totah Sam, May 25, 2010
    Last edited: May 25, 2010
    I don't know where you got that information but it is patently false. You need to cite your source. The early church fostered education and the motivation of the church was to gain as much knowledge as possible. That is how BYU came about. Regardless of what you have been told, the LDS church does not censor nor does it discourage education. The LDS people are one of the more highly educated groups in the U.S.

    After the polygamy fiasco, Utah tried it's best to fit in and become more mainstream. The ban on marijuana in Utah was to preserve the peace. They already had to deal with jailed church leaders and soldiers marching on SLC and the repealing of plural marriage. They didn't need any more controversy.

    And no, Utah will not allow medical marijuana. Stars will burn out before that happens.
  14. Well, strictly speaking, many stars will probably burn out before I get off work today...

  15. Methuselah?
  16. are you sure dude? Every bar ive been to you can get good beer, but no high point. Still just the 3.2% I want some highpoint of blue moon dammit!
  17. No high point drafts unfortunately, but tons of great, flavorful local beers.
  18. ahh ok. Ya thats what I consider real beer is high point shit. But ya I got ya. Blue moon is prob my fav to get.
  19. I fucking hate living here in Utah, ive been here since 2006, I was 17 when my parents decided its time to move out of California.

    Ive done 15 days jail sentance for a gram
    My license wont be reinstated until 2013
    once police know you smoke weed they are a shit magnet

    I have seriously considered going to the gun show and getting a fully automatic weapon and just lay into every cop, detective, judge, law maker I can find.
  20. The notion of Utah having MMJ is comedic.

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