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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Dr Bud, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. I wish you had a forum for medical marijauana.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly^^
  3. I agree as well.
  4. Tell me my Man,
    Is that a Donkey or mule?
  5. Why do we need a forum just for medical marijuanna?

    Can you explain in more detail?
  6. There are differences between many who smoke to get high and those who smoke to stay healthy. I smoke VERY seldom. I am en epileptic, who thanks to the use of pot, has been seizure free for 30 years. I sometimes get a near-seizure moment. I have to grab on to someone or something, or quickly sit down and fight it with my mind. When this happens, I go home after work and light a bowl. I won't have another near-seizure for the next 6 to 12 weeks. What have other epileptics found about themselves and weed? It just doesn't fit the Recreational Forum....

    When I retire permanently I may start smoking for pleasure, but now it is strictly for health reasons. I have a very demanding job and am a role model for many young teenagers. I couldn't do a proper job of either if I smoked often.
  7. You know... interesting point!

    Perhaps we should just remove the "recreational" word for the name of the forum?

    Marijuana use would suffice.

    Then people who want to discuss medicinal marijuana won't feel out of place having to post in the general forum, or the recreational use forum.

    I must admit, though.... SMOKING to stay healthy? Sounds unbelievable at first glance.

    I'm interested in finding out how marijuana can possibly help epilepsy. It isn't an anticonvulsant. It doesn't really seem to effect electrical signals in the brain.... does it?

    I don't want to peeve you at all, but I wonder if it's psychosomatic. I work with epileptic mentally handicapped people, and have for 10 years. Of course we can't offer them a joint (and it's not surprising to think that our government might not want us to know that it might help either), but I've never even heard of anything close to what you are claiming.... and I've read a lot on the subject.

    But... on the other hand... I DID work with a patient who had multiple sclerosis. She claimed that smoking pot helped her leg cramps to be less painful (that's a whole other story too... funny as hell). I wonder, then, if that's something to do with the relaxing of the muscles or the relaxing of the mind.

    Really, though. If it does do something to relax the muscles, then that per se wouldn't help you to not have any seizure activity, it would just lessen the severity of the convulsions.

  8. It's an Ass baby, it's an Ass.

    It's there for a statement. Can ya figure out the statement? lol

    let me put my .00000000000002 in the reason why a Med Forum. Some Med smokers do NOT want to be associated with Recreational Smokers. Because some would NOT consider smoking MJ had it not been for their medical condition.

    A Med Forum would be best because it allow those who really rely on the medicinal factors of MJ to meet and exchange stories about their condition and the health benefits achieved by toking.

    Specific questions can be posed and replies can be easily found without digging throw the other stuff. Plus, some medical MJ tokers HAVE to rely on others to get their stash because they are not able to grow their own.

    Den Activist
  9. its not that bad of an idea, i think the forum would be rarely used though. But then again it might get med users to chat on this site more... i duno.

  10. >>If it does do something to relax the muscles, then that per se wouldn't help you to not have any seizure activity, it would just lessen the severity of the convulsions.<<

    Not necessarily so... Because the the brain control everything; therefore, MJ has efficacy would be translated in the brain.

    I think it would be interesting read from both sides presenting the pro's and cons of the effects of MJ on epilepsy. I too would like to know what impact if any, MJ would have on cerebral cortex and if it would depend where the seizure originates.

    We all know that weed is a hallucinogen, and some seizures are triggered by visual stimulation… I do remember that some seizures originate in the back, thus provoking visual hallucinations.

    At the same time, I've read about MJ having some anticonvulsive properties as you stated. Maybe MJ can affect those with seizures in a positive and a negative way, depending on where the seizures originate and what type of seizure the person has, Grand Mal, Petit Mal, etc..

    Good luck with the info… If I really get OC about it, I'll look it up and post some 411 for you.

    Den Activist
  11. I was first told in 1973 to use marijuana for my seizure problem by a Navajo Mediceman.

    Lester Greenspan M.D. in his book _Marijuana the Forbidden Medicine_ devotes 15 pages to the discussion of epilepsy and marijauna. Two quotes: "Although the anticonvuslant properties of cannibis have been known since ancient times and were explored in the nineteenth century, this therqpeutic use of the drug has been largely ignored in the past hundred years." p 67 "Although the medical establishment is still showing little interest, more and more epilepsy sufferers are discovering the uefulness of cannibis." p 68

    Not peeved.
  12. Interesting info, Den.

    'nough said.
  13. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and several
    other autoimmune diseases.

    The nice thing about having a seperate forum
    for med users is that serious discussion about new
    news is usually posted there and known that it will
    be viewed as such.

    Usually, some of the activism talk spills over but
    thats a good thing because the two go hand in hand.

    Nice idea Dr Bud.

  14. I use MJ as a med as well. A med forum would be fine but there is going to be mewmbers trying to find ouit how to gret medical marijuanna that don't need it. That would be taking away from the ones that need it.

    We may have to take a poll to see what everyone thinks!
  15. I find it an interesting argument about how med mj smokers wouldnt want to be associated with recreational smokers because of there need to smoke rather then there want to smoke.

    That is the fundamental difference now isnt it? The recreational user wants to smoke while the extremist med smoker needs to for pure medical reasons.

    My 2 cents worth is this:

    Regardless of what brought you to mj I find it ridiculious when I hear a better then yours reason for smoking the stuff. Regardless of need or want were all tokin.

    I for one am glad I have found a place where I can have a voice and learn from others who share my passion.

    End of my 2 cents worth.
  16. email me for more info and I can get you some stuff med users. indoor dank. I accept paypal.
  17. Now that is a first....

    A dealer who accepts credit cards.

    Now I have seen it all!

    Honorable service you're offering, potsmoker20.
  18. lmao! that's classic.

    I think the recreational users outnumber the med users, and it's always been majority rules around here. We practice a democracy I think. What works for the majority works for everyone. Plus most of the med users are OFFF and I think the Seasoned Tokers forum might suit them better for these types of topics IMO.

    P.S. My mom's got an MM card so don't take it the wrong way hehe
  19. I'd like to see a med section, if only just to complete the site.
    Yeah, it may not get as much traffic, but neither does this
    section. Plus, it may give you more visitors, too. I bet there
    are quite a few people looking for medical marijuana advice
    who end up here, and a few of them might be going to other
    sites, because they don't see a med pot section listed.
  20. Well, I've been rallying for an activism forum so maybe we can have one for Recreational MaryJane and one for Medicinal MaryJane. I don't know if just a Medicinal MaryJane forum would be added but if I get my activism forums, I'll try to get a medicinal one, too. The thing is...medicinal use will be "legalized" before recreational so it's not so much of a bad idea to at least have a seperate activism forum for it.

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