Medical Marijuana Yield? LED GROW

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  1. Hello I was wondering how much I would Yield From this grow
    FYI THIS IS MY FIRST GROW all kinda very new too me

    Currently As of this moment of the post IM 1 Month and 2 days in my flower stage

    KIND LED LIGHT XL750 grow

    6 Plants
    4 TAHOE OG
    2 SFV OG

    Watering Every 2-4 days
    13-14 Weeks Grow Period
    4 Weeks Veg
    8-9 Weeks Flower

    6.2 - 6.4 PH WATERING
    Nutrients for veg and flower
    keeping it very simple

    Humidity 30-40
    Temperature 70-78

    THIS IS everything we do to are plants also a little love too :)

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    Terrible guess here, half pound. No idea . just wanted to give you somethin on your post here

    Edit: half a gram per watt would be half pound.

    Hey at least we posted eh? Nobody else bothered to.
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  3. Terrible guess here, 135 marijuanas. No idea. Just wanted to give you something on your post here
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