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Medical Marijuana with Asthma

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tdavis020, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Alright so me and my roomate have been debating this for awhile, and I need some backup on this. I have seen many sites that said you can treat Asthma with medical marijuana, but I can not find a reliable source to prove to him that you can indeed treat it with that. I even told him (from what I read somewhere, probably was here) that smoking cannabis opens up the airways. Am I wrong about all of this or can ya'll help me find a link that is reliable?! Sorry if this is in the wrong section!!:smoke:
  2. i dont no about any links but i have asthma and after toking i feel my airways are more clear and my breathing feels easier
  3. Yeah I had asthma when I was little and I don't have any problems with it anymore (mostly went away before I started smoking though, so I think I grew out of it?) but anyways I have no problems with it when I smoke and I feel like I can breathe pretty good too so thats why I want to prove this to him so badly!!
  4. Please, forgive me if I sound ignorant or anything, but this seems kind of contradictory...smoking to help with asthma? I can't really say I feel like I breathe easier after I blaze, but still, I don't really see how this could help, unless you put the herb in an edible...
  5. i have asthma and have been smoking daily for 2 years or so, it hasn't really posed a problem for me at least, cept i have trouble clearing a nice large bong with out coughing at least a lil bit, maybe i just needa train my lungs more :smoke:
  6. Because pot relaxes the smooth muscles and is an expectorant.
    Effects of Smoked Marijuana in Experimentally Induced Asthma
    Back in the day, folks with asthma used to burn "asthma papers" and breathe the smoke for acute attacks. These were just like rolling papers, only they had been soaked in belladona (works just like albuterol in your rescue inhaler) opium (works like the ipratropium bromide) and then they would smoke marijuana for long term relief (this took the place of drugs like Symbicort)
    Considering that current asthma drugs increase your chances of death by 58%....

    Common COPD medications linked with increased risk of CV death, heart attack | Eureka! Science News

  7. ^Perfect, explains everything. I'm reading a book about medicinal marijuana and I'm doing a paper on it later this year, I think this will be a good point to touch upon.
  8. thank you thank you thats exactly what I was looking for lol.
  9. Use of a vaporizer will reduce the influence of burned plant material while providing all the benefits of the canabinoids.

    My GF has Asthma and sees plenty of benefit even from directly smoking the cannabis.

    I'm only a caregiver, not a doctor. Please don't assume the above to be medical advice, just a sharing of personal observation.
  10. Granny Storm Crow to the rescue!

    The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therapies
    IngentaConnect The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therap...

    Acute and subacute bronchial effects of oral cannabinoids.
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Comparison of bronchial effects of nabilone and terbutaline
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Bronchial effects of aerosolized delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol
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    Bronchodilator effect of delta1-tetrahydrocannabinol administered by aerosol
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Effects of smoked marijuana in experimentally induced asthma.
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Marijuana and oral delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol on specific airway conductance
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    New Synthetic Delta-9-THC Inhaler Offers Safe, Rapid Delivery
    New Synthetic Delta-9-THC Inhaler Offers Safe, Rapid Delivery, Phase I Study

    Smoked marijuana and oral delta-9-THC on specific airway conductance in asthmatic subjects
    Acute effects of smoked marijuana and oral delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on specific airway conductance in asthmatic subjects

    Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Constituents of Cannabis Sativa

    That should be enough to convince anyone! Always check my list (links below in my sig) for medical marijuana studies- I usually have something that can help!

    Granny :wave:
  11. Wow thank you so much that is perfect
  12. I got my rec solely for my asthma from THC Foundation's local clinic. So at least in Oregon its a valid reason for using cannabis, I was cautioned against smoking it though. The dr said vaporizing it is the best option for asthmatics.
  13. I believe MMJ has cured (or at least alleviated all symptoms for an extended period of time) my asthma. I have not had a single asthma episode since I've been using, I usually use bongs and pipes and do fine.
  14. For me, I tend to have worse asthma when I am severely stressed, and with bipolar this can be a little difficult, and MJ helps to calm me (d'uh lol). Just never made any of these connections. I still have sooo much to learn about MMJ...Good luck with the debate, man


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