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Medical marijuana user, can it -cause- migraines?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kittycat1234, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just looking for some guidance from experienced medical marijuana users. I am a new user located in a state where the flower is still illegal, and the only options come in dispensary-patented vapes, tinctures, & tablets. (So, the very useful looking thread that enumerates the strains of MJ that can soothe specific conditions does not apply here since my state only lists the products as sativa, indica or hybrid.) I received my card and have been wanting to use it for migraines / neuralgia. The dispensary gave me a 1:1 THC/CBD tincture and vape stick. I've been finding that even at 1 mL doses of the tincture, a raw feeling in my neck ensues within about 20 mins. No positive / muscle relaxant / high feeling materializes, and the past two times I've experienced horrible migraines within 4 hours of ingestion. This seems counterintuitive to what I've heard about marijuana.

    I tried telling the pharmacist this information, but he just repeats that "1:1 -should- work for you....well marijuana doesn't necessarily work for everyone and opioids -are- cheaper." He recommends I take small doses every day for a week and then come back to talk. But even the 1 mL is giving me migraines. The dispensary has a 4 page menu that I cannot decipher of other offerings such as "Premium 80% vape cartridge 20:1 Sativa" &" Aqua Vaporization Oil Excipient Free 2:1."

    Does anyone have any recommendations of what I could order or ask for that might work better than 1:1 in terms of muscle relaxant & painkilling properties? The pharmacist hasn't been too helpful in explaining anything but the bare basics and didn't offer an alternative last time I went to talk. (There's gotta be something on that list that would work, right? Perhaps I just need a new dispensary / pharmacist?)

    Sorry if this is long winded. I'm very confused & in a fair bit of pain at the moment!! Thanks much for any help you can offer.
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  2. Cannabis is a hit and miss affair when it comes to pain relief and you you'll need to experiment with a wide range. Throbbing pain, pain that intensifies in time with your pulse it usually doesn't work on. Oral pain also a no go for most people.
    1 to 1 is not effective for me at all as it has to much CBD and that blocks the THC.
    For my pain very high THC strains do the job and it really doesn't matter the strain. It all works for my issue.
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  3. Yea that’s true for me when I have pain and I smoke I can just feel the pain more; I end up being high as fuck and just thinking about the pain more, but the For me what it does work for is headache relief and believe it or not heartburn lol whenever I have heart burn I smoke and it works way better than Prilosec or tums
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  4. It’s probably the carrying agent.
    I can help you if you want to pm me.
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  5. Carrying agent is the most likely culprit.
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  6. One ml does not say how much CBD or THC is in one dose. I suffer from chronic migraine, been on opioids for 20 years. I now microdose on 1:1 and take a bit of extra THC in the evening. These are full spectrum products I make myself. I have managed to cut my opioid intake in half. I definitely do not get any migraines from CBD or THC.
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  7. Sorry for your pain, vape pens burn propylene glycol , creating carcinogens, carcinogens bad. Your neck pain might have been anxiety or tension from just being a first-time user. Your tincture might have something in it that might be hurting your head, or it could have just been a bad batch. I'd recommend a 4 x 4 grow tent and making your own medicine. Coconut cannabutter is something you should learn to make, it is easy, you can eat it and you rub it on your pain, I've been doing it for years, stopping cancer and its tracks and feeling better than ever! And this forum is great , lots of nice people here
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  8. Hi BNW,

    My pain can go either way - the worst is the throbby type. It can also manifest in extreme muscle soreness in both shoulders and up through the neck and base of the skull plus nausea and photosensitivity (which is present no matter what type occurs). It's the latter that has been going on constantly for 3 weeks and is driving me up the wall. The former is what I seem to be getting after ingesting the tincture. Interesting - and here I was assuming that the THC was the problem rather than the CBD! I'm glad it works for your issue! Thanks so much for your reply. :) I think it's possible to just go on the dispensary site and order what you want, so I'll keep this in mind. It's frustrating because it's going to be really expensive to experiment - was hoping the pharmacist would be more helpful off the bat, but whaddya gonna do. He's telling me to microdose for a week and then come back, but I've had 2 massive migraines already that will take a couple weeks to recover from (the muscle soreness lingers and could set off another attack), so the pain accumulates. I'm afraid to keep going.
  9. I'm not even getting the benefits of being high lol. Nothing really happens except more pain. About 4-6 hours in, I get giggly for about 5 minutes and that's it. Then the migraine starts. It's weird! Wow, I'll have to keep that in mind with the heartburn once I find something that works. :)
  10. Ok! Is that done through the "conversations" section? Thanks for your help!
  11. I'm in a state that doesn't allow you to tinker with it yourself - it's all gotta be done though dispensaries. According to their website, the 1:1 formulation has the following ingredients:

    Ratio: 1:1
    THC: 2.5 mg / 0.5 mL
    CBD: 2.5 mg/ 0.5 mL
    Unit Size: 30 mL
  12. #12 kittycat1234, Jul 29, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
    The vaping was supposed to be a rescue resource to short circuit the pain right away if I say wake up with it. (If it starts in my sleep, no amount of opoids or anything will work. I'm stuck in the cycle for 12-16 hours.) They also gave me a tincture that I can swallow or use sublingually, which is what I've mostly been doing. But it seems to be giving me migraines.

    Unfortunately growing one's own is extremely illegal in my state, plus I live in an apartment complex. Even if it was legal, the neighbors and homeowners board would not be pleased lol. Great idea though - maybe we'll move to colorado one day. :D I've always wondered if it was something you could cultivate in one of those Aerogardens.

    Everyone seems very helpful thus far. I know nothing about any of this but am willing to learn lol.
  13. I really appreciate everyone's replies so far - you are giving me a lot to think about! :)
  14. Have you had had a ct scan or mri done recently, I only ask because my wife had similar symptoms and a ct found a small brain bleed and your symptoms sound strangely similar. Was one of the scariest moments of our lives
  15. That is not very strong tincture, so 1 ml should not be the problem cannabinoid wise. What is the carrying agent in these? As people have stated above, it may the root of your problem.
  16. Checked the bottle, the carrying agent is MCT oil. Is that a dispensary standard or is there something else that I could request?
  17. I hope your wife is doing ok after that terrifying experience!! Best wishes to both of you! I get MRIs every 5 years or if my symptoms get worse. It stems from fused cervical vertebrae at birth, so it's been a problem all my life. The older I get the more severe the pain and the lengthier the migraine cycle becomes. This has been going on for about 3 weeks.
  18. I'm sorry, but I have no dispensary experience, I'm in Europe. You can test your reaction to MCT oil by buying some. Then you'll know if that is the culprit.

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