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medical marijuana used to treat insomnia??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by thego25, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. What do you guys think about marijuana being used to treat insomnia.

    I have pretty bad insomnia. When ever I smoke, I will lay in bed and be asleep in less then 10 seconds. Not waking up once during the night, I will wake up 8 hours later with lots of energy.

    You might be saying, oh you don't have insomnia, your depedent on weed to fall asleep now. I haven't smoked in over 2 months. When I did smoke, I used it 2-4 times a week.

    So what do you guys think about marijuana being used for insomnia? Good idea? lame? Its better then swallowing those pills that kill your liver over time.
  2. First off, Using weed to sleep is pretty common. I used to keep a stash of dust, dry weed or just shitty bags, simply for when I trouble sleeping.
    Second, there are pills that won't kill your liver, as well as liquid mixes, if you really do have insomnia. There are plenty of things not related to any chemical inbalance that cause sleep disorders. The enviornment you're trying to sleep in, the position you lay down, as well as psychological things like stress at work.
  3. Yeah im out of weed right now and i cant sleep =(. Which is why I'm on here at 1:51. Not tired at all.
  4. insomnia is defintally an acceptable reason to get medical marijuana. Last time i visited the doctor to get my weed referal renewed he asked me if i had trouble sleeping at night and if marijuana helped with that. So yeah you can get approved for that. Best part is it works wonders.
  5. if u cant sleep and buds is puttin u to sleep...
    smoke hella:hello:
  6. The funny thing about weed is that it has different affects on different people. It usually keeps me awake. If I get drowsy on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I can smoke some weed and it'll perks me up and I start getting active again.
  7. I'm a self proclaimed insomniac (don't need to go to the doctor so he can tell me I have a problem with sleep... can ask the snooze button on my alarm about that), and as far as longterm helping insomnia, I havn't noticed weed do anything. Just on a few specific nights after smoking a good amount, I can definately sleep like a cat. With me though, it never seems to make me sleepy, but most certainly makes it easier to fall asleep once I lay down and decide to get some shut eye. So I guess that would technically be temporarily helping insomnia.
  8. I've been using it for a few months for insomnia and it seems to be working wonders. Anyone know if I can get a medical lisense for it in Ontario?
  9. I think thats one of the obvious reasons to get prescribed for marijuana, that's the main reason I'm a daily smoker now. I've always had trouble getting to sleep and marijuana is the best thing thats ever happened to me to take care of that. Plus nothing is more relaxing than getting completely high, eating a midnight snack and easing into sleep. If you smoke enough it's always going to make you ready to go to bed. Atleast for most people.
  10. I used to never be able to sleep before I discovered weed. ever since ive slept great and had no problems until lately i got busted. now im about to get "probation" (kind of), well i probably wont be able to smoke for a year. so i went to the doctor today and i told him everything and he told me i have anxiety and a sleeping disorder

    but now i cant smoke weed and a doctor tells me i have anxiety and a sleeping disorder (weed helps me with both) and now i dunno what to do with myself for the next year
  11. wow i was just about to search for a topic like this, haha
    is insomnia a legit reason for your doctor to prescribe you medical marijuana?
  12. Does marijuana help with insomnia? Yes
    Is marijuana prescribed for insomnia? In some states yes. In others, medical mj is limited to only the terminally ill although it should be. Damn legal system!
  13. yea that does the job...mmj will put you rite to sleep...i used to have trouble sleeping so every once in a while ill smoke out of my bowl and lay down...
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    aww dude......I wish i could get a permit. If i cant smoke a bowl before bed, dont count on my sleepin and layin still. I will roll around and cuss and scream like a child! You dont know how lucky some of you have it
  15. Coming from a fellow insomniac, DON'T TAKE ANY PILLS. Benadryl makes me minorly sleepy, but not enough to knock me out. Melatonin fucks everything up. I got six hours of sleep, waking up every fifteen minutes because of either being uncomfortable or having HORRIBLE nightmares. Might just be me lol.

    Weed is the only thing that truly knocks me out.
  16. I can not smoke weed and a doctor tells myself i have anxiety and a sleeping disorder (weed helps me with both) and now i dunno what to do with myself for the next year.

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