Medical Marijuana Stories.

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  1. I have heard many, but I can't help but smile and say a silent 'Fuck Yeah' every time I hear a story about Medical Marijuana successfully helping someone in need.

    I was at dinner earlier tonight with family and across the table my grandmother was talking about her brother in law. He has stage 4 cancer, and he'd been crying because the pain was so bad. They had him on Oxy for a good while but it wasn't helping him much. He couldn't hardly move, walk, or sleep because of the pain.

    Well they switched him over to cannabis and my grandmother says the night they did this, her sister calls her. She goes, "I tried that cannabis stuff, put a bunch on my finger and then under his tongue and I think I KILLED HIM" lol.

    He continued to sleep for over 8 hours, the best he had in months. FUCK YEAH I love stories like this.

    If you'd have something you'd like to share feel free :thumbsup::toke:
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  2. I have degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, peripheral neuropathy, and arthritis that has been growing bone spurs on my vertebrae that causes them to rupture. I have had to have 2 vertebrae disc replaced (C4 & C5) and 4 fused (C3 - C6) together. I have needed to have 2 more replaced and fused together for the past 13 years. With the medical problems I have no one will operate.
    I have been on every pain med you can imagine [Vicodin 10/750 es 180 tablets a month (3 years), oxycontin can't remember the dosage (3 months [didn't work]), methadone 10's 2 tablets - 4 times a day (11years +) worked great - had to stop using because of sleep apnoea. I have tried many other meds (tramadol, gabapentin, etc...Pain Doctors refused to prescribe stronger meds after several deaths across the country) nothing worked like the methadone. I had been without pain meds for 10 horrible months until my friend who I have known for years reminded me of the pot we use to smoke. It's illegal as hell in N.C., and it may be illegal forever unfortunately, but FUCK IT, and ALL the POLITICIANS in N.C. and everywhere else in our supposed Land Of Such Great Freedoms that CONTINUOUSLY FUCK OVER US. Medical Marijuana is all I have that takes away the PAIN as well as, and sometimes better than, the methodone did. I have started a very, very small grow, and will continue this venture until the PROBLEMS in N.C. and the rest of 'The Land Of Such Great Freedoms' are solved, or I pass on. Either way the pain will hopefully, mercifully, be ended, maybe,

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