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Medical Marijuana Questions

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GardenFather, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, I live in Canada and im looking to get a card to obtain Medical Marijuana. I have stomach pains and ive been to my docotos enough times about this. Ive tried different pills and they have done nothing to be but put a whole in my wallet. One was about 250$ and that did nothing to me and I took the whole month worth too and that was the strongest they could give me.
    I even went for blood test and ultra sound testing. Ive talked to my doctor about Anxity and he told me thats propbably 100% it. About 3 months ago I had kidney stones and ive never had this before, I use to take lots of medication and im tired of taking them. Im sure my kidney stones came from all the meds ive been taking. Im tired of it, i do not want to kill my body with pills anymore its just not something I need.
    I've never smoke in my life and I really do not plan on doing so. But ive heard lots of good things about eating it. This is something Id be will to do.
    Also im having problems sleeping and even as im writing this my nervs are going crazy on me its all the Anxiey.
    Ive done some research and Ive complied my researc and put it into a word doc. Ive highlight the positive vs the negative so I can bring it to my docotors and show him, but before I do Id like to know if I would qualify In Canada to get a Medical Marijuana card?
    Sorry on a side note, My Dad Has Ms. I was trying to show him some of the beinifts so Medical Marijuana Does anyone on here have Ms? If you do and your taking Medical Marijuana
    can you please let me know if its effecting you in a good way? Plus he has crazy back issues too. He's had 4 back operations and one just 2 months ago.
    Sorry for the long story and thanks again to anyone who can help.

  2. Have you talked directly to your doctor? He/she is the gatekeeper. Without them filling out the forms you are SOL.
    You may qualify under Category 2. Category 1 is a slam dunk but you don't have any of the conditions to qualify. Your father does. MS.
    Get Storm Crows list of conditions/diseases that are treatable with cannabis. It is huge. Prepare to read until your eyes bleed.
    If you don't know who Storm Crow is you haven't been reading this forum enough. She is the go to for information.
    Glad to hear you are not going to be smoking. There is nothing inherently wrong with smoking cannabis for symptomatic relief. It is just that for the best bang for your buck ingesting whether as straight oil or edibles is the way to go.
    First order of business, Omega 3 fish oil for both of you. Standard American Diet (SAD) is absolutely horrible for Omega 3 fatty acid.
    I'll defer to greater minds for herbal teas and such. Not my thing.
    Indicas for sleep, Sativas for daytime is a very general rule. Research.
    Hope this is a start.
    All the best.
  3. Thank you So much for all your info and help :), I will get on to researching more from what you said, I also take B-100 and Omega 3 6 9 :). Thanks again will update to let you all know what ive come up with and the results

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