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medical marijuana in washington

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dime bag dan, May 21, 2010.

  1. hello everyone, i will be moving to washington state (seattle) in a couple months and i was wondering if i can qualify for medical marijuana. i have a history of migranes and depression, also painful back pains from playing football for 4 years. would anyone tell me if i could qualify for medical marijuana? i have been using marijuana since i was 17. (18 1/2 now) and it seemed to help with my migranes and back pains. not as much with the depression,
    thanks in advance
  2. Ya, you pretty much have to have a terminal illness or at least something serious to get medical bud in Washington.
    Here is the list from RCW 69.51A.010: Definitions., the Washington State legislature website:

    You might qualify under B, intractable pain due to your back problems, but it will be hard to find a Doctor that will prescribe marijuana straight away since inorder to qualify your pain must be "unrelieved by standard medical treatments and medications". So you will be prescribed more traditional medications first, and only if those don't work can you qualify for medical marijuana.

    And in case you were wondering about G, conditions that the medical quality assurance commission has added, they haven't added any. Although anxiety and a couple of similar things were almost added a little bit ago.
  3. ya you can get your card for sure, you just need 2-3 chart notes from visits with a doctor saying you have chronic pain and migraines (both covered) and that you have tried painkillers. if you have those from previous experiences, you can get it within a couple weeks, if you dont, the doctors appointments generally have to be spaced out with a month in between to prevent people from just running out to a bunch of docs to get records. Also, alot of the clinics require people under 21 to have their parents sign a release form to get there recommendation. this isnt a state law, just something alot of the green clinics have adopted to weed out the teens trying to play the system. hope this helps
  4. I dont know where your getting your info, but its very easy to get your medical recommendation in WA. I got mine for chronic headaches, my roommate got his for wrist pain, alot of friends from High School got there cards after sports injuries, manual laborers i know get it for back pain. its wayyyy easier to get your card in WA than you think, anything that causes "chronic" pain is covered, and everybody broke a bone or two when they were younger that still hurts. not saying you should play the system, but it is very easy to obtain a recommendation
  5. Oh damn, I didn't know that. After reading the law, the intent of the law, and not seeing or hearing of medical bud I just put two and two together. The law is meant for terminally ill or seriously ill patients and I never see medical bud or dispensaries so I figured all the medical bud was going to terminally ill or seriously ill patients.

    That is pretty cool that it is easier than I thought. If I ever have any problems I will seriously look into getting a card instead of assuming I won't get one.

    Thanks for the reality check

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